‘Love Is Blind’: All the Clues Alexa and Brennon Get Married in Season 3

Love Is Blind is back with season 3 and a new group of couples ready to find love. Brennon Lemieux proposed to Alexa Alfia before anyone else in the pods this season. Still, we don’t know who gets married yet, thanks to Netflix only releasing a few episodes at a time. However, thanks to a bit of internet sleuthing, we found some clues hinting that this couple did indeed tie the knot. Here are all the clues that Alexa and Brennon got married during Love Is Blind Season 3.

'Love Is Blind' stars Alexa and Brennon together in a hug in a production still in season 3.
A little internet sleuthing hints that ‘Love Is Blind’ couple Brennon and Alexa are still together. | Cr. Patrick Wymore/Netflix © 2022

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 couple Alexa and Brennon make a solid pair

Five couples left the pods in Love Is Blind Season 3 engaged. However, Alexa and Brennon claim the title of “Most Stable” so far. (Granted, Netflix only dropped four episodes, so we can only go with what we’ve seen.) Alexa and Brennon only connected with each other in the pods and bonded over their love for shakshuka. This allowed them to relax and not worry about seeing any exes at the first cocktail party of the season. Moments of jealousy flared in couples like Nancy and Bartise and Cole and Zanab because they felt at least somewhat of a spark with other contestants than the ones they proposed to.

Some of the other pairs had small arguments and struggled to adjust to life with their fianceés. Zanab struggled to handle Cole’s messiness, while Bartise’s comments about Raven irritated Nancy. However, it was nothing but smooth sailing for Brennon and Alexa.

Instagram photos hint that Alexa and Brennon are still together

When they sign up, Netflix likely hits the contestant on the show with a few non-disclosure agreements. These almost definitely include rules about what they can and can’t post on social media. However, a few things on Alexa and Brennon’s Instagram pages hint that the couple remains together.

Several photos of Brennon show him conveniently covering his left hand, so no one sees whether or not he’s wearing a wedding band. One super sleuth on Reddit found the tiny edge of a ring on one finger.

The commenter writes, “Brennon was wearing a ring. You can see it when you zoom his hand that’s holding the cup. Also, in pics after that, he was hiding his left hand.”

They also linked to the photo in question.


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Clues that the ‘Love Is Blind’ couple vacationed at the same spot in Mexico

Love Is Blind star Alexa posts quite a bit more than her fiancé, but a few photos seem to be taken at the same location.

Another Redditor pointed out, “Alexa and Brennon get married. They posted pictures on vacation at the same place in Mexico on September 2021. Brennon is in a picture on one of Alexa’s friends’ IG with a wedding band on. Alexa hides her left hand a lot on IG.”

While we didn’t find anything definitive about them vacationing at the same location, one photo of Brennon shows him enjoying a plate of shakshuka with the photo location tagged as Tulum Beach. Another shot from Alexa, taken in the same time frame, includes a caption that reads, “Mi casa es tu casa.”

A possible clue that she also spent some time in Tulum? We think so!

However, several episodes remain in Love Is Blind Season 3, so it looks like fans will have to watch and see how it all plays out for themselves. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for all your Love Is Blind updates!