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Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season 2 revolves around the group reuniting for a birthday weekend. Sal Perez brought his girlfriend Jessi Palkovic, who rubbed many viewers the wrong way. Some don’t believe the relationship is genuine and think she might have appeared on the show as a paid actor.

Fans think Sal Perez’s girlfriend Jessi Palkovic came off as annoying

Love Is Blind: After the Altar followed the Chicago-based group as they reunited for Natalie Lee’s 30th birthday party.

Malloy Zapata explained she and her ex Salvador “Sal” Perez hadn’t maintained a friendship after they ended their relationship and was nervous about seeing him. He arrived with his new girlfriend, Jessi Palkovic, who quickly made an impression on the other cast members and the viewers.

She got overly involved in a game of Cards Against Humanity to a point where it annoyed many fans and awkwardly approached Mallory about not wanting an uncomfortable vibe between the two. In a confessional, Mallory admitted she didn’t see any value in becoming friends with her ex’s new flame.

Following the episodes, fans took to Reddit to share their opinion about the newest Pod Squad member. They claimed she came off as “clout” chasing, “insecure,” too loud, and “desperate” to remain the center of attention. Some went to her social media profiles to let her know what they thought about her.

Some fans think Jessi appeared on ‘After the Altar’ as a paid actor

Presumably, as a result of the backlash, Jessi posted a video of herself dressed in black and smoking, with the caption warning viewers not to “f***” with her.

However, it only prompted fans to leave more negative comments. Shortly after the clip went live, fans noticed her Instagram profile wasn’t active anymore. While many believe she deleted it due to the reactions, others think her account is momentarily down for review.

Fans have also thought Jessi might have appeared on the show as a paid actor because Doris Talent Agency posted a picture congratulating her on her “Netflix debut.”

Many thought it was an odd choice of words to refer to her appearance with her “boyfriend” as a debut, leading them to believe the relationship might not be real. However, others pointed out that it’s possible Jessi and Sal are actually dating while she’s also an actor pursuing opportunities. Additionally, the two appear to still be together as of a couple of weeks ago.

Mallory Zapata and Sal didn’t get married during ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2

During Love Is Blind Season 2, Sal and Mallory walked away from the pods as an engaged couple. Even though it appeared she still had lingering feelings for Jarrett Jones, who nearly proposed to her, she seemed focused on making things work with Sal.

On their wedding day, the two expressed their love for each other, but Sal declined to move forward in a marriage with her, noting he needed more time.


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Mallory didn’t get a chance to reveal her answer, but it seemed as though she also would have opted not to get married. At the reunion, the two said they attempted to date afterward but ultimately called it quits. They didn’t go into detail about why it didn’t work out, but they both appeared hurt at the time.

During After the Altar, Sal told his sisters they broke up because he found her drunk in a car with another man when they were supposed to go shopping together. Mallory refuted his claims at the end of the final episode. She denied standing him up and claimed the guy she hung out with was a close friend. Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix.