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Love Is Blind couple Iyanna and Jarrette Jones have decided to call it quits after a year of marriage. While he has remained relatively mum on the split, she opened up about it in a recent podcast.

Iyanna Jones lists timing as a reason she and Jarrette didn’t work out

A couple of weeks before Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season 2 aired on Netflix, Iyanna Jones sat down with the Diary of an Empath podcast, where she talked about the hit reality TV show and the ending of her marriage to Jarrette.

When discussing the experience of falling in love in a high-pressure environment, Iyanna admitted her anxiety proved to be the most “challenging” to overcome.

She explained she had different expectations and realized how much having to make a “heavy decision” exhausted her. As the participants only had weeks to decide, Iyanna questioned if she made a “sound judgment” and if she fully weighed out the “right fit” for her.

Additionally, the reality TV star pointed out she didn’t have the opportunity to seek advice as she usually would. Ultimately, the Chicago native feels timing played a part in why they didn’t work out. If the married couple had more time without the cameras, Iyanna doesn’t think they would have gotten married.

Iyanna thinks Jarrette needs to go on a ‘personal journey of growth’

She clarified, explaining that she had to rely on his words as time didn’t permit her to see his changed actions. Therefore, the Chicago-based program coordinator realized they had the same problems.

Although she doesn’t elaborate on the issues, it’s assumed they revolve around his frequent partying, which came up multiple times on After the Altar.

Iyanna thinks if they had a month before deciding to get married, she would have declined. She also spoke about when she knew they should separate, revealing that it started with a conversation about children. Iyanna noted she realized she couldn’t start a family with an “incompatible” partner, especially when they already had problems.

However, she said he took it “personally,” believing that Iyanna meant he wouldn’t make a father. The reality TV star clarified that she thinks he’d become a great father but doesn’t think he’d be a reliable partner. Finally, Iyanna pointed to Jarrette’s “personal journey of growth” as another main reason they didn’t work out.

Iyanna and Jarrette separated after a year of marriage

In June 2021, while filming Love Is Blind Season 2, Jarrette and Iyanna fell for each other in the pods before meeting one another.

Even though he initially wanted to propose to another participant Mallory Zapata, who rejected him for Salvador Perez, the two seemed smitten with each other. They eagerly agreed to walk down the aisle and became one of two couples to marry this season.


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At the reunion, he had to answer for his inappropriate banter with Mallory during their honeymoon, in which he joked about what ring he would have picked her out for her.

Even though it seemingly hurt Iyanna, she said they moved on from the situation. However, in August 2022, after a little over a year of marriage, they separated. When After the Altar came out only a month later, their storyline dived into their problems, naming his excessive partying as their main issue. Love Is Blind is streaming on Netflix.