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Both couples from Season 2 of Netflix’s Love Is Blind have called it quits. But fans are most interested in hearing more about the ins and outs of Jarrette and Iyanna’s time together. Their relationship started off rocky, with Jarrette blindly proposing to Mallory first in the pods. After she turned him down, Jarrette asked for Iyanna’s hand in marriage. While Iyanna eventually accepted, she worried if she’d be treated as his first choice. 

'Love Is Blind' stars Iyanna and Jarrette kiss on a white couch; Jarrette says Iyanna was negatively impacted by social media comments about his connection with Mallory
‘Love Is Blind: After the Altar’ stars Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeeley | Cr. Adam Rose/Netflix © 2022

Fans have expressed feelings that the marriage didn’t stand a chance because of Jarrette’s initial connection with Mallory. And according to him, Iyanna found it difficult to ignore social media users’ opinions.

Iyanna says she would have said no to Jarrette’s proposal if she had more time

In her first in-depth interview since releasing a joint statement on their divorce, Iyanna opened up about the decision to go their separate ways. Looking back, she says there were major red flags that she overlooked due to the nature of the experiment. 

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“I think all of the issues that we currently have were all of the issues before I said yes,” she revealed on the Diary of an Empath podcast. “I chose to believe his words because I didn’t have enough time to see his actions…I can’t say that I regret taking that risk because I’m proud of myself for being able to do it [but] I just wish I had more time, honestly, because I think even if I had an extra month, I would’ve been like, ‘No….’ That was honestly the hardest part about watching the season back is realizing we’re still struggling with the same stuff.”

Still, she doesn’t regret her participation in the series. She also says Jarrette is a great guy, just not the best partner for her.

Jarrette says Iyanna was affected by social media commentary

The biggest chatter about their split is whether or not Jarrette’s proposal and subsequent interaction with Mallory was a contributing factor. While they both say no, Jarrette admits that social media discussions about the ordeal affected Iyanna. 

“This happened in April of last year. We had finished filming in 2021, and the show came out in February of this year. So having to go through that and relive that after we’ve already been through it in real-time, and having discussions about it in real-time, and then having to go through it again – but this time with so many people’s opinions and them saying it over and over again – now it’s becoming a thing, and it matters to you,” Jarrette explained in an interview with We Are the Brand podcast.

He says he tried to avoid either one of them dealing with social media backlash, even warning Iyanna to not to read the comments. Unfortunately, the opposite occurred. 

He says she was impatient with him

One of the biggest issues in their marriage, from Iyanna’s perspective, was their differing lifestyles. Jarrette is a self-proclaimed extrovert who loves to live a social life, while Iyanna prefers a night at home.

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In the After the Altar special, Iyanna complained of Jones’ partying, alleging he came home at 7 am most mornings after a night out. At one point, her mother tearfully confronts Jarrette about how his behavior affects her daughter. His parents also believed he should make adjustments, which he says he tried to do.

Still, he says Iyanna was fed up. “When it comes to partner or someone I’m going to decide to dedicate myself to, I need somebody that’s going to be my co-captain. I need somebody that’s going to hold down the fort if I’m not there, somebody that’s going to trust me. I need somebody that’s going to be honest with me. And I also need somebody that’s going to grow and compromise,” he explained. “And somebody that’s going to be patient…Change takes time. I have to train myself, I have to train my mind.”