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Now that Love Is Blind Season 2 is over, here’s everything we know about Mallory Zapata and Salvador’ Sal’ Perez’s relationship. Are they still together in 2022? Here’s a breakdown of everything that happened after Sal said “I don’t” at their wedding.

Salvador 'Sal' Perez wearing a green shirt and Mallory Zapata wearing a black shirt while in their apartment on ‘Love Is Blind’.
Salvador ‘Sal’ Perez and Mallory Zapata, ‘Love Is Blind’ | Netflix

Sal and Mallory break up at the altar

During episode 10 of Netflix’s Love Is Blind, Sal decided he wasn’t ready to marry Mallory on their wedding day. After the guests left, Sal and Mallory had a heart-to-heart conversation. He said, “Honestly, Mal, I almost did take that leap with you.” Mallory understood Sal, but part of her was disappointed he didn’t follow through with their marriage.

Salvador 'Sal' Perez sitting on step at his wedding wearing a tuxedo on 'Love Is Blind’
Salvador ‘Sal’ Perez, ‘Love Is Blind’ | Netflix

Sal told her, “Regardless of all of this, I hope that we can remain in each other’s lives.” Mallory wanted to know if he’d be interested in continuing to explore a relationship with her. He replied, “I just need to take a few days.” He said, “Let’s take some time away from all of this, and let’s talk.” Sal suggested that they take it slow and “go on a date.”

Mallory and Sal try to make it work

Everyone wanted to know what happened between Sal and Mallory after the vague ending that they had at their wedding. As discussed on the March 4 Love Is Blind reunion episode, Mallory revealed that she and Sal tried to make their relationship work after the show.

Mallory Zapata and Salvador 'Sal' Perez walking off together during their wedding on 'Love Is Blind'.
Mallory Zapata and Salvador ‘Sal’ Perez, ‘Love Is Blind’ | Netflix

Mallory said that she and Sal went out on a date. “Yeah, we met for coffee, and we chatted,” Mallory said. However, their connection didn’t last. She explained, “But I think at the end of the day, the connection really wasn’t there, and we just kind of understood that we were. Maybe it didn’t make sense to really continue on.”

Mallory and Sal are not together in 2022

After their Love Is Blind journey, Mallory and Sal decided to go their separate ways. During the reunion, Sal hinted at some hidden reasons why they broke up. He said, “There were just things that happened that I just don’t really feel comfortable saying, ’cause it’s pointless now.” He said, “I just don’t think it’s necessary to say.”

The cast of 'Love Is Blind' Season 2 on the set of the reunion special for Netflix.
‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 Reunion | Netflix

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Mallory explained, “I honestly think, we shared a very strong connection really because of this experiment, but we’re very different.” She continued, “I think in the way that we really communicated or operated, a lot of times, disagreements because we weren’t communicating necessarily the right way.” Sal told Mallory, “There were many times that I also just felt unheard.”

As of now, it’s unclear if Mallory or Sal have moved on to new people, but it’s clear that they’re no longer going to be exploring a relationship together.