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One of the most memorable filming locations for Love Is Blind is undoubtedly the pods. Every season, a group of singles spends 10 days in specially-designed rooms where they can talk to (but not see) their dates.

Although the pod set might not look that big to home viewers, it is massive. In fact, because of size, the Love Is Blind team has decided to keep it permanently in one set.

An outside view of a purple 'Love is Blind' pod with a large window, and small table and chairs inside
The ‘Love Is Blind’ cast celebrates Netflix’s first Live Reunion with the iconic pods at Rockefeller Center In New York City | Roy Rochlin/Stringer

The pods moved from Atlanta to California

Season 1 of Love Is Blind was filmed in Atlanta. As a result, the pods were set up there at a studio called Pinewood (now known as Trilith Studio). According to Tudum, Chris Coelen explained that this location was chosen because, at the time, other studios were not large enough for the pods.

Each pod is about 12 feet by 12 feet. There are 10 pods for each gender, which makes it 20 pods in total.

“Next door, they were filming one of the Marvel Avengers movies, and we were on a bigger stage than Avengers was!” Coelen recalled.

For season 2, the pods were disassembled and moved to a studio in Santa Clarita, California. Since then, all the pod scenes have been filmed in Santa Clarita, even if the cast members hail from other parts of the country.

The ‘Love is Blind’ pods are soundproof

The pods are designed uniquely, making it easier for producers to film.

For example, they are soundproof. According to Coelen, “Even if you’re yelling in one pod, you can’t hear it in another.” This also helps cameras in one pod not pick up sounds from the others.

Viewers might also notice that the pods are not square. They have rounded corners, which was not done just for aesthetic reasons.

“When we had originally designed the pods, they were a squared-off rectangular, singular room that these people were going to be in, having conversations with their potential future loved ones opposite them,” production designer Dave Edwards told Variety. “But as we worked with the director, he said, ‘Well, this is where I need the angles for cameras.’ We found, ‘What if we rounded off the corners where the cameras are going to be so he can get those camera angles?’ Once we did that, we said, ‘What if we take the corners out of the other sides as well?’”

Edwards continued, “What we found in collaborating with each other was as we took the diagonals out of the corners, it made it a more comfortable atmosphere. It softened the room in an unimaginable way from where we had started.”

Where do cast members sleep and use the bathroom?


‘Love Is Blind’: The Singles Had to Follow 2 Rules While Dating in the Pods

With the way Love Is Blind gets edited and aired, some viewers might be confused as to where the contestants sleep and spend their time when not “dating” in the pods.

According to an interview with Refinery29, season 1 cast member Kenny Barnes said people on his season “slept in trailers” and on “correctional facility beds.” These trailers were reportedly close to the lounges where cast members could hang out with those of their gender.

However, Coelen revealed that the trailers were abandoned from season 2 onwards. The cast then got to stay in hotel rooms.

“To make sure someone wouldn’t accidentally sneak a peek of their potential love interest, contestants are led to and from their rooms,” Tudum reported. “But they’re allowed to go back and forth to the pods whenever they want.”

As for the bathroom situation, there are no bathrooms in the pods. Cast members have to go back to the lounges for that.