‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Couples: Who Gets Engaged?

Love Is Blind Season 3 returned on Oct. 19, and we get an entirely new cast participating in the social experiment hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. Out of everyone cast, five couples walk away engaged and have four weeks to decide whether or not they want to go through with the wedding. Let’s take a look at the Love Is Blind Season 3 couples and who gets engaged.

[WARNING: This article contains detailed spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 3 Episodes 1-4.]

A photo of one of the pods from 'Love Is Blind.' Who gets engaged this season?
‘Love Is Blind’ | Cr. Patrick Wymore/Netflix © 2022

Brennon is the first to propose to Alexa in ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3

In the first episode of Love Is Blind Season 3, Alexa and Brennon bonded over their love of shakshouka on their first date. However, they soon realized their connection was growing deeper. Brennon told Alexa about his struggles growing up in poverty, and she confessed she was having a hard time in the pods because of how much she missed her family. After several pod dates, the couple admitted they loved one another, and Brennon proposed. Alexa happily accepted. So, who else gets engaged this season? Keep reading.

'Love Is Blind' engaged couple Alexa and Brennon in promotional images for the show.
Alexa and Brennon | Netflix

Matt and Colleen get engaged

Colleen connected with a couple of men during her time in the pods, including Brennon. She experienced a little bit of a setback when he told her that he wanted to move his relationship forward with Alexa instead. Colleen bounced back and thought her connection with Cole could be the one, but he decided to pursue Zanab. After the rejection from Cole, Colleen decided to pursue a relationship with Matt, and that’s where she found happiness. He proposed, and the two got engaged.

'Love Is Blind' engaged couple Colleen and Matt in a promotional image for the show.
Colleen and Matt | Netflix

In ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Raven accepts a proposal from SK

Raven felt a spark with two men during Love Is Blind Season 3 – SK and Bartise. After Bartise opened up to Raven about a personal moment in his life, it seemed like Raven barely paid attention to him. She’s a pilates instructor and did jumping jacks and other exercises while he poured his heart out. Her aloofness left Bartise feeling shocked. On another date, he explained he felt a stronger connection with someone else in the pods. She admitted she did too. SK eventually proposed, and Raven accepted.

'Love Is Blind' engaged couple Raven and SK stand in front of a pink background in a promotional image for the show.
Raven and SK | Netflix

Cole hopes he found his wife in Zanab

Zanab shares a love of God and desires to have a large family, the same as Cole does. It makes for a happy match between the couple. After first thinking Colleen might be the girl for him, he learns she’s not willing to get into deep conversations. This turns him off. Zanab fills that need for him, and the two discussed several serious moments in their lives that helped make them the people we see today. Cole excitedly proposes to Zanab and she happily accepts.

'Love Is Blind' engaged couple Zanab and Cole in a promotional image for the show.
Zanab and Cole | Netflix

Bartise and Nancy match each other’s energy in ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3

Bartise shocks several of the women during Love Is Blind Season 3 when he tells them his age. Most of them believed he was older than 25, but all of them were ok with it in the end. He first believes his connection with Raven tops all of the other women, but after her disappointing response to his story about his past, he decides Nancy is a better match for him. At 31 years old, Nancy admits she wouldn’t approach Bartise if they met in the real world because of his age. However, the couple’s easy banter and feelings for one another grow. This leads to a proposal from Bartise, which Nancy accepts, up the number to five couples who get engaged during Love Is Blind Season 3.

'Love Is Blind' engaged couple Nancy and Bartise stand in front of a pink background in promotional images for the show.
Nancy and Bartise | Netflix

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