‘Love Is Blind’: What is Shakshuka?

The hit reality dating show Love Is Blind returned to Netflix on Oct. 19, and with it comes an entirely new cast of people hoping to find love. The show tasks contestants with seeing whether or not they can fall in love with someone based on their personality and nothing else. This season introduces us to Brennon and Alexa, and they bond over their favorite dish, but what is shakshuka? Here’s what we know.

Brennon and Alexa, seen here in a production still, bonded over a love of shakshuka in 'Love Is Blind'
Shakshuka is bringing people together on ‘Love Is Blind.’ | Cr. Patrick Wymore/Netflix © 2022

Brennon told Alexa he loves making shakshuka at home

Love Is Blind Season 3 couple Brennon and Alexa seem like an unlikely pair at first. However, Brennon’s country twang and laidback demeanor balance out Alexa’s description of a fairly fast-paced life back home. During one of their first conversations in the pods, Brennon mentioned that he loved to cook. When Alexa asked what he liked to make, he answered shakshuka. Surprised by his answer, she blurted out that she loves shakshouka and was surprised he knew how to make it. And this, kids, is the beginning of something special.

Brennon proposes to Alexa within the first four episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3. She accepts, and it looks like they’re on their way to a lifetime of love and shakshouka, but what is shakshuka?

Shakshuka uses eggs and tomatoes as its main ingredients

The dish originates from Tunisia. Plus, it’s a versatile food that’s eaten at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s popular in parts of North America and the Middle East. Shakshuka is often thought of as an Israeli breakfast food.

According to The Mediterranean Dish, shakshuka “is made of soft cooked eggs, gently poached or braised in a delicious chunky tomato and bell pepper sauce. The seasoning can vary from one recipe to another, but you’ll often find warm spices like cumin, paprika, and crushed red pepper flakes for some heat.”

The eggs in shakshuka are supposed to be runny. However, if that’s not your preferred way of eating eggs, you can also serve the dish with the eggs cooked to your liking. We’re not sure how the Love Is Blind stars like their shakshuka, but Brennon recently asked his followers on his Instagram Story if they want his recipe.


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‘Love Is Blind’ stars Brennon and Alexa seem like one of the strongest couples so far

Netflix’s Love Is Blind Season 3 released four episodes on Oct. 19, but Brennon proposed to Alexa before anyone else in the cast. So far, they seem like one of the strongest couples. After leaving the pods, no arguments between them occurred. Even at the cocktail party, where everyone else expressed some hesitation about their exes from the pods, Brennon and Alexa simply enjoyed one another’s company. However, we know several episodes remain for Love Is Blind Season 3. Let’s hope the shakshuka is enough to keep their love going strong.

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