‘Love Island’ Fans Call out Kyra’s ‘Healthy Relationship’ Speech

Love Island fans have strong opinions about the remaining couples in season 3. That includes Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada. They wrote a speech for each other, but fans aren’t buying it.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for the Love Island USA Season 3 episode on Aug. 15!]

Kyra and Will had troubles in their relationship on ‘Love Island’

Kyra was instantly attracted to Will. It didn’t take long for them to be coupled up, but fans didn’t quite believe Will felt the same way.

That’s because when they were separated for Casa Amor, he kissed and slept in the same bed with Florence Mueller. He considered coupling up with her instead, but he ultimately chose to go back to Kyra.

He did tell Kyra about some of his actions while they were separated. Kyra quickly forgave him, which upset fans and her friends in the villa.

Kyra’s father recently asked her if Will is truly committed to their relationship. Will didn’t take this well and accused him of saying bad things about him. 

In the end, Will claimed he was falling for Kyra. He finally asked her to be his girlfriend after previously saying he wanted to wait.

Fans call out Kyra’s “healthy relationship” speech on ‘Love Island’

Kyra Lizama of 'Love Island' smiles with a hand on her waist posing in a bikini.
Kyra Lizama of ‘Love Island’ | Sara Mally/CBS via Getty Images

‘Love Island’ Fans Want Flo to Return to Talk to Kyra About Will and Casa Amor

The couples had to write speeches for each other in the finale. Will and Kyra’s speech mentioned how they felt when they first met.

“Will, from the moment we locked eyes, I felt that spark, the butterflies in my stomach,” she told him. “I’ve had that same feeling with you every moment we have spent together. I came into this Love Island experience looking for something real, looking for love, looking for a healthy relationship. I came here for that reason, and I found that with you. You are my reason, and I’m nothing but utterly excited and over the moon about going into the real world with you.”

“Our journey of love began the first time I laid eyes on you. I felt instant chemistry and attraction for you,” he claimed. Will said they could get lost but find their way back to each other. “This is not our final. This is just our beginning of so many adventures together,” he told her.

They kissed, and Kyra said she’s so happy. Will said, “I’m the most lucky man in the world.” The problem is many fans don’t think Kyra and Will have a healthy relationship. So they had a strong reaction to Kyra’s speech on Reddit.

“‘Healthy relationship’ [eyes emoji],” one fan wrote. 

“Kyras [sic] dad is punching air now,” another person wrote.

“Lmao did she say ‘a healthy relationship’ [skull emoji],” a third fan wrote.

“Kyra has to know that is NOT what a healthy relationship looks like right? [laughing emoji and face palm emoji]” a fourth person wrote.

In the end, Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy won the season. Kyra said she wants to dive into something deep and real after the show. Will also said he wants to take Kyra to Colombia.