‘Love Island’: Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada Confirm Breakup 3 Months After the Show

Although Love Island USA Season runners-up Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada live near each other, the couple couldn’t make it work in the real world following the finale. After spending a couple of months together in the villa and dating for three months after the show’s conclusion, the early favorites have revealed they are no longer together. While she didn’t specify why the two split, many fans believe his recent actions in Mexico might have played a part.

Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada on 'Love Island' Season 3
‘Love Island’ season 3 runners-up, Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada | Sara Mally/CBS/Getty Images

Kyra Lizama confirms she and ‘Love Island’ partner Will Moncada are no longer together

After a couple of weeks of speculation, Kyra Lizama revealed she and Will Moncada split three months after meeting on Love Island USA Season 3.

Despite rumors clouding their relationship, the runners-up remained together, and he recently confirmed the two were officially dating a few weeks ago. However, following Will’s vacation in Mexico, where he behaved questionably around several women on camera, she has announced they have called it quits.

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In a Nov. 2021 Instagram story post, Kyra acknowledged the “speculation” surrounding her relationship, admitting she felt she owed her followers “an explanation” due to their support. The reality star went on to explain she’s single and currently “working through the stages of heartbreak and healing.”

Kyra also hinted that Will’s recent behavior might have played a role in the split as she thanked her followers for their encouragement “since certain instances have come to light.”

Many fans believe they broke up due to Will’s behavior on vacation in Mexico

A few weeks before Kyra’s announcement, in Nov. 2021, Will went to Mexico to celebrate a friend’s birthday. During the getaway, the Love Island Season 3 runner-up was filmed behaving inappropriately with several women.

For example, one clip showed various females sitting on his lap while another featured him brushing a woman’s hair as he stared into her eyes.

The reality star reportedly extended the weekend trip several times and allegedly left suggestive comments on other females’ social media pages.

Due to his actions, many fans thought the two split up, but Will quickly shut down the rumors, insisting the two were still together. However, Kyra’s post a few weeks later seemingly confirmed the theories.

Will also announced the breakup, says he and Kyra are still friends

Shortly after her announcement, Will took to his Instagram story to reveal the same news. He also stated the two decided to split while noting he’s still “grateful” to have met “such a wonderful human being” as he enjoyed their time together.

“Like every relationship, there is a risk that things won’t work out, and unfortunately, that was our case,” he went on to explain.

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The Columbia native finished his statement by thanking his followers for their support and asking them for privacy as he deals with the breakup. Finally, Will claimed he and Kyra are still friends, implying the exes are still on good terms, closing his message out with the hashtag for “good vibes only.”

However, mainly due to how fans believe the relationship ended, many don’t think this is the case. Love Island is streaming on Paramount+.