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The hottest summer on Peacock has just begun. Love Island USA Season 4 kicked off on July 19, and the drama has already started among the Islanders and the fans of the reality dating series. Many viewers have expressed their distaste toward the first five men of the season, believing that the women deserve better.

Isaiah Campbell, Jesse Bray, Andy Voyen, Timmy Pandolfi, and Felipe Gomes participate in a game in 'Love Island USA' Season 4 on Peacock. The five men wear torn up skirts.
Isaiah Campbell, Jesse Bray, Andy Voyen, Timmy Pandolfi, and Felipe Gomes | Photo by: Casey Durkin/Peacock

A recap of the first two episodes of ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4

The first 10 Love Island USA Season 4 contestants entered the villa during the premiere. The new group of Islanders includes Courtney Boerner, Deborah “Deb” Chubb, Sereniti Springs, Sydney Paight, Zeta Morrison, Andy Voyen, Felipe Gomes, Isaiah Campbell, Jesse Bray, and Timmy Pandolfi. They all participated in the season’s first coupling, led by new host Sarah Hyland.

The first couples of the season were:

  • Courtney and Andy
  • Deb and Jesse
  • Sereniti and Felipe
  • Sydney and Isaiah
  • Zeta and Timmy

However, at the end of Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 1, two new women entered the villa on the California coast — Valerie Bragg and Mady McLanahan. They went on a date with Felipe and Jesse before meeting the rest of the cast.

In episode 2, the 12 Islanders participated in a game where they revealed sexual secrets about one another. And by the end of the hour, Valerie and Mady had to choose which guy they wanted to couple up with. Mady chose Andy, and the show left the reveal of Valerie’s pick for episode 3.

Some viewers aren’t fans of the season 4 men

After watching the Love Island USA Season 4 premiere, one fan started a Reddit thread expressing annoyance with the cast’s men.

They wrote, “Love Island did these girls dirty with this selection of men … What a bunch of [f**kboy] goons. With the exception of Jesse, none of them are even remotely attractive. This is the best they could get??”

A Reddit user added, “YES, I fully agree. Why’d the host have all the women talking about marriage and then stick them [with] these [f**kboys]?”

“Lol ‘f**kboy goons.’ I agree, though. I feel like the quality of the OG men is always low,” another fan said. “[Isaiah] is too young for anyone. Timmy might have a cute personality, but he’s so busy trying to be smooth I can’t find it. [Felipe] is just Target brand Will. Jesse is there. And Andy’s dating a woman who would literally rather be there with anyone else, including the girls.”

One person pointed out, “They can’t use the best guys right off the bat — the rest of the show would be boring.”

Hopefully, for fans’ sake, some new men will soon enter the Love Island USA Season 4 villa.

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Many fans are comparing Felipe to a previous ‘Love Island USA’ contestant

One Love Island USA Season 4 contestant, in particular, is raising red flags among fans, and it’s because he resembles someone from season 3 — Will Moncada.

As many recall, viewers weren’t too thrilled with Will’s behavior at Casa Amor last season. He was coupled up with Kyra Lizama, but he got very close with Flo Mueller when they were separated. Ultimately, he chose Kyra, but some fans didn’t forgive Will for his actions.

In a Reddit thread, one fan wrote, “Felipe is giving me Will flashbacks.” Another user added, “I believe Felipe is Will 2.0. However, Will was a bit of a [snake] … Felipe is at least laying it out on day 1-2 that he’s open to chat. He even told Sereniti he had more of a friend vibe with her. Don’t fault honesty! He also said [he] had a foursome with three ladies. He’s a douche, but at least he admits it.”

Other fans believe people are drawing parallels between Will and Felipe because of their similar backgrounds. One person wrote, “I don’t see the resemblance at all lol. They work different jobs, have very different backgrounds, not to mention [Felipe] is like five years older than Will. Are y’all saying this because they are both of South American descent, and they both have accents?”

New episodes of Love Island USA Season 4 air Tuesdays through Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.