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Love Island USA secured Sarah Hyland as the reality dating show’s host after it moved from CBS to Peacock. But after the first episode, the actor was nowhere to be seen in the villa. And now fans are wondering where in the world Hyland is.

Sarah Hyland, who hosts 'Love Island USA' Season 4 on Peacock, wears a strapless pink striped dress.
Sarah Hyland | Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Sarah Hyland is the new host of ‘Love Island USA’

Before Love Island USA Season 4 premiered, Peacock announced that Arielle Vandenberg would no longer be the show’s host. Instead, that honor would go to Sarah Hyland, who most famously played Haley Dunphy in Modern Family.

Hyland is no stranger to reality dating series since her fiance is Wells Adams from The Bachelor franchise on ABC. She would tweet about Adams while watching Bachelor in Paradise, and the two later connected on the social media platform in 2017. Sparks immediately flew, and in 2019, Hyland and Adams got engaged.

Hyland appeared in Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 1 to host the show’s first coupling. She also introduced viewers to the new villa and the new group of Islanders.

Fans are confused regarding Sarah Hyland’s absence from ‘Love Island USA’

Love Island USA Season 4 is 12 episodes in, and three Islanders have already been dumped from the villa, but Sarah Hyland only showed up in the premiere. During the show’s first three seasons, Arielle Vandenberg would occasionally pop in to guide the contestants through a recoupling. But that hasn’t been the case for season 4.

“Where is Sarah Hyland?” one Reddit user asked. “Maybe I’m missing something, but where is Sarah Hyland? Shouldn’t she be there for the recouplings? They promoted her as the host, and she has only been on the first episode. I remember Arielle having a lot more interactions with the cast in past seasons.”

Another Love Island USA fan added, “I feel like Arielle would’ve been there to announce something like the couples having to vote somebody off.”

However, one person might have an answer for those wondering where Sarah Hyland has been since the Love Island USA Season 4 premiere.

“If they’re trying to make it more like the UK version, then it makes sense,” they wrote on Reddit. “The current host Laura [Whitmore] and the one before her Caroline [Flack] were only there at the beginning/end and Casa Amor mainly with maybe one or two other appearances.”

They continued, “I think the UK version prides itself in really making it a bubble from the outside world, so islanders forget they’re on tv/act more naturally. And having a host continuously coming in and out of the villa kinda kills that vibe.”


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‘Love Island USA’ fans argue over who is the better host

Given Sarah Hyland’s absence in the majority of the Love Island USA Season 4 episodes, it’s difficult to compare her to Arielle Vandenberg. But fans have differing opinions on which host they like better.

One Reddit user wrote, “I’m really pleasantly surprised with how much I am enjoying Sarah as the host … Arielle was great, but Sarah seems more personable to me.” Another fan commented, “What has Sarah done differently as a host from Arielle? They typically strut while getting gassed up by the narration.”

“I’m pretty sure Sarah and Arielle have the exact same scripts,” someone added. “I do like Arielle better, though. She just brought the element of drama when she entered the villa … which is crazy since Sarah is the actual actress.”

One fan said, “I love the switch to Sarah. She just feels more natural and seemed to make everyone feel comfortable on day one.”

New episodes of Love Island USA Season 4, hosted by Sarah Hyland, air Tuesdays through Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.