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The end is near for Love Island USA Season 4, and not every couple will make it to the finale. Knowing that some Islanders will leave the California villa in Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 33, which airs tonight, Aug. 24, fans shared their predictions for the exits.

Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell, who appear in the 'Love Island USA' Season 4 episode tonight, Aug. 24, compete in a challenge. Sydney wears a strapless bikini. Isaiah wears black and white flower print swim trunks.
Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell | Photo by: Casey Durkin/Peacock

Fans voted for which ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 couples are the least compatible

Following an explosive episode on Sunday, Aug. 21, fans voted for the couple they thought was the most compatible on the Love Island USA app. And the couples with the least amount of votes are in danger of leaving the series.

The couples are:

  • Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi
  • Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray
  • Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell
  • Mackenzie Dipman and Chad Robinson
  • Nadjha Day and Jeff Christian
  • Phoebe Siegel and Joel Bierwert

On Sunday’s episode, the Islanders competed in a Twitter challenge. They heard specific fan tweets with names redacted and had to accurately guess who the posts were referring to.

One tweet read, “It would suck for _____ to find out _____ was comparing her to _____’s ‘natural beauty.'” After the couples made their guesses, Zeta and Timmy revealed that the post said, “It would suck for Sydney to find out Isaiah was comparing her to Phoebe’s ‘natural beauty.'”

Isaiah got defensive, and Sydney retreated to the girls’ dressing room, where the other women comforted her. Later in the night, Isaiah apologized, but Sydney wasn’t ready to forgive him. But on Tuesday’s episode, Isaiah concocted a grand gesture to prove to Sydney that he was in love with her. He cooked her dinner, wrote her a poem, and asked her to be his girlfriend. And Sydney said yes.

Although episode 32 left off on a high note, tonight’s Love Island USA Season 4 hour will take the Islanders down a peg. They will hear the results from the fan vote, and some contestants will leave the villa.

Which couples are in danger of going home in tonight’s ‘Love Island USA’ episode?

Love Island USA Season 4 fans gathered on Reddit to speculate about which couples will go home in the episode tonight.

“I think Isaiah and Sydney will go home the next dumping,” one Reddit user shared. “I love Sydney. But I just don’t think this whole situation with Isaiah is helping her emotionally. You can literally see the mental and emotional toll it took on her in the last episode.”

They continued, “Besides, I don’t see which other couple can go back home. The bottom three probably will include Joel and Phoebe and Mackenzie and Chad (both of which are very crossed-over couples). Joel and Mackenzie have potential. It would really suck to see one of them get dumped.”

A fan wrote, “Since it’s based on votes, either Phoebe and Joel or Mackenzie and Chad will go home. Probably Phoebe and Joel [to be honest] because a lot of people were voting for Sydney because of sympathy and Mackenzie because they want Phoebe gone.”

“I’m pretty sure Phoebe and Joel won’t get many votes because they are both fairly new to the villa,” another person commented. “Phoebe doesn’t have much of a positive fan base, and they both just friend zoned each other. If they are safe, it will be because people want drama, not because they are compatible. The same goes for Mackenzie and Chad (except that Mackenzie already has an existing fan base).”


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When is the finale?

Although Peacock has yet to confirm the Love Island USA Season 4 finale date, many speculate that it will air on Sunday, Aug. 28. If that’s the case, then the Peacock series will have 37 episodes total.

And if season 4 follows the same structure as the last three seasons, four couples will make it to the finale. Fans will vote for one of them to win, and the two Islanders will have to decide if they want to take the money for themselves or split it between their couple.

Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 33 premieres tonight, Aug. 24, at 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.

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