‘Love Island USA’ Season 4: Did Isaiah Really Compare Sydney and Phoebe’s Looks?

Twitter is already interfering with the Love Island USA Season 4 couples. A challenge involving the social media platform revealed shocking details about a relationship at Casa Amor. And this scandal could end Isaiah and Sydney’s relationship in Love Island USA.

Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell, who star in 'Love Island USA' Season 4 on Peacock, sit on a couch. Sydney wears a strapless red dress. Isaiah wears a short sleeve button-up white shirt and black pants.
Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell | Photo by: Casey Durkin/Peacock

A ‘Love Island USA’ challenge revealed Isaiah’s shocking comments

As Love Island USA fans recall, Isaiah brought Phoebe back from Casa Amor, which nearly ended his relationship with Sydney. As soon as he saw Sydney again, though, Isaiah realized he had made a mistake and made it known that he was done with Phoebe. Isaiah wanted to be with Sydney. And although they struggled to repair their connection, they ultimately found their way back to one another and are a couple again.

Unfortunately, Isaiah’s actions at Casa Amor continue to haunt him. The producers set up a challenge for the Islanders during Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 31, which featured tweets from the outside world. The couples had to listen to the posts with names redacted and guess who the fan was mentioning.

One tweet read, “It would suck for _____ to find out _____ was comparing her to _____’s ‘natural beauty.'” The Islanders made their guesses, and it was revealed that the post said, “It would suck for Sydney to find out Isaiah was comparing her to Phoebe’s ‘natural beauty.'”

Sydney was upset about the allegations and retreated to the girls’ dressing room, where the other women comforted her. Meanwhile, Isaiah got defensive and said nothing to Sydney. The couple didn’t speak until later in the night. However, fans will have to wait until Tuesday’s episode of Love Island USA Season 4 to see if Sydney and Isaiah can make it through this dilemma.

What did Isaiah say at Casa Amor in ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4?

Casa Amor seems like it was ages ago in Love Island USA Season 4, but Isaiah’s tryst with Phoebe was only a couple of weeks ago.

During his time in Casa Amor, he was severely torn between Sydney and Phoebe. So Jeff tried to help him decide between the two girls. In Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 21, Jeff told Isaiah, “Just look at [Phoebe]. Isaiah, just look at her, bro.” And Isaiah responded, “All natural. She’s f***ing gorgeous. I’m just saying, like, an 11 out of 10, bro.”

In a confessional, Isaiah added, “Phoebe definitely seems very genuine. Obviously, that spark and that sh**’s undeniable. But I came in here with my boxes checked, but I was missing something. Right now, she’s definitely checked an extra one off. Sydney’s in the back of my head, but like, she’s not.”

And Jeff told Isaiah, “Different, bro. [Phoebe] is different, bro. That is very different. Look at her, bro. What the f***.”

Isaiah’s comments about Phoebe being “all natural” are what the Love Island USA fan referenced in their tweet. But only time will tell if it is the final nail in Isaiah and Sydney’s coffin.


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Fans react to the challenge

Following Sunday’s episode of Love Island USA Season 4, fans took to Reddit to discuss the Isaiah and Sydney situation.

“Sydney deserves better,” one Reddit user wrote. “It doesn’t matter which tweet the producers choose, it doesn’t matter if they can ‘come back’ from this. It matters that she is sobbing on the floor, and Isaiah allows it to continue without accountability or a change in behavior.”

They continued, “It is now a pattern of words misaligned with actions — and that is manipulation. Even if you choose not [to] label this as emotional or psychological abuse — which it is — any person who repeatedly behaves or reacts in ways that make you cry is not your person.”

Another person added, “Truly the hardest part to watch was not just her crying but Isaiah having the audacity to be angry not because she is hurt, but because he feels like all that hard work he did to win her back went to waste.”

“Isaiah has been a red flag since the beginning,” a fan commented. “Remember at the start of the season when he said something to her about wanting to keep his options open, and the way he spoke to her made her cry? She needs to realize her worth and dump him at the next recoupling. I don’t care if the finale is soon. She needs to make a statement and embarrass him like he’s been doing to her all season.”

New episodes of Love Island USA Season 4 air Tuesdays through Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.