‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’: Martell Holt’s Mistress Is Reportedly Pregnant With His Child

The divorce between Love & Marriage Huntsville’s Martell and Melody Holt may get messy. Melody’s already been hinting that Martell is not taking the split easy but rumors are now surfacing the Martell’s longtime mistress is pregnant, resulting in Melody filing divorce papers

Martell and Melody Holt
Martell and Melody Holt via Twitter

A recap of Martell Holt’s relationship with his mistress, Arionne Curry

Love & Marriage Huntsville fans are familiar with Martell’s infidelity. According to Curry, she and Martell met at a party hosted by his cousin. She tells Tasha K in a January 2020 interview that she did not discover Martell’s marriage until a year into their relationship.

Still, she says she fell in love with Martell and made the decision to continue with the relation. Curry says her relationship with Martell spans five years. Within that time, she alleges leaving Martell several times, but he refuses to let her go.

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During one of Martell’s therapy sessions that aired on the show, he admits to his counselor that he has deep feelings for Curry, attributing his feelings to only having one mistress versus multiple affairs. 

Martell’s caught much backlash for referring to Curry as a “peasant.” He recently apologized following the airing of the second season’s premiere.

Arionne Curry is reportedly pregnant with Martell Holt’s child

Tasha K’s new video alleges that multiple sources close to Curry and Martell say Curry is pregnant. “A side baby is confirmed,” Tasha K says in the video. “Arionne is pregnant and due in December this year — and she’s having a baby boy.”

If Curry’s due date is true, this means that her and Melody’s daughter will be a year apart. Melody and Martell welcomed their fourth child in December 2019. 

Tasha K says she’s been in constant contact with Curry since interviewing her in January. She says Curry is insisting the rumors about her pregnancy are false, despite Tasha K alleging to have rock-solid proof. 

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Despite Curry denying the reports, she hints on social media that she is pregnant, posting then deleting a cryptic message about a baby carriage to her Instagram story.

If the rumors are true, this wouldn’t be Curry’s first time carrying Martell’s child. In her interview with Tasha K, Curry says she became pregnant by Martell a few years into their affair but opted to terminate the pregnancy to avoid additional drama. 

A source tells All About The Tea that Curry’s pregnancy has been rough. “Despite Arionne’s pregnancy, she and Martell are not getting along,” the source says. “And she’s been depressed over the pregnancy and all the drama the show has brought into her life.”

Melody is currently seeking to divorce Martell. Not only is she ending the marriage, but she no longer lives in Huntsville. Melody is currently living in Atlanta.

In her divorce petition, Melody says she and Martell have a current custody agreement in place in which their children split their time between Georgia and Alabama to spend time with both parents.