‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s’ Melody Holt Says There Were No Warning Signs That Her Marriage With Martell Would Not Work Out

Melody Holt is opening up about the breakdown of her 12-year-marriage from Martell and the decision to file for divorce. The Love & Marriage: Huntsville star says she tried working things out but Martell continued with his longterm affair. Despite the heartache, Melody says there were no early warning signs that she and Martell’s marriage would end.

Melody Holt
Melody Holt via Twitter

Martell Holt opens up about his childhood trauma and infidelity

Martell has documented his personal therapy sessions on the show. He initially began counseling to try and sort through his infidelity issues but soon discovered how much his actions are linked to his childhood.

He grew up with a single mother and his brother. Martell’s father has been in and out of prison for the majority of his formative years. Even as an adult, his contact with his father has been scarce.

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Though Martell revels in fatherhood, his idea of what it means to be a husband is superficial. Martell places a lot of emphasis on material things, versus being emotionally connected to his wife.

He also comes off as arrogant to many of the people closest to him and Melody, believing that because he’s a good father and a successful businessman that his actions are forgivable. 

A lot of his complaints about Melody are regarding him not feeling she gives him enough validation. 

“90 percent of things I do in life are good,” he says to Melody. “That little 10 percent, I know it’s wrong.”

The therapist told Martell that it’s not Melody’s job to validate him constantly, adding that Martell puts too much emotional weight on his wife.

In turn, Martell says he began to realize that reconciling his issues with his father may help him fill the void he seeks externally, therefore making him a better man and husband.

Melody Holt explains why Martell’s infidelity was a surprise

During Melody’s interview with Showbiz, she explains that discovering Martell’s affair was such a blow because there were no hints that he was unhappy.

“We were still intimate, holding hands, going on vacation, cuddling in bed, and watching movies together,” she says. “None of that was really lacking. Which is why when I discovered he was cheating, it was such a shock. It was devastating.”

For Melody, Martell’s affair equates to someone living a double life. For a long time, she says she could not understand how she was ignorant of his affair. She also admits that trying to make her marriage work is two-fold: the two had a solid foundation and they also built a great life together.

Melody Holt says there were no warning signs her marriage would not work

Many viewers believe that many of Martell’s flaws have always been present. Melody disagrees. During a recent interview with Reality Check, Melody says that Martell’s issues stemming from his childhood and his constant need for validation did not serve as a red flag.

When I tell you, I was in love with that man, I was in love with him. He proposed nine months after we began dating and we got married seven months later. That was the love of my life. For me, there were no warning signs that we’d get to this place. I think that’s one reason why it’s been as hurtful and as painful as it has been.

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Melody also has a message for those who criticize her for staying “so long” after discovering Martell’s affair. She takes her marriage vows seriously and despite her estranged husband’s shortcomings, she hoped that he’d overcome his challenges. 

Unfortunately, Martell continued with his affair, leaving Melody to make the decision to walk away from their marriage.

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