Love ‘Queen of the South’? Watch These 5 Shows to Hold You Over Until Season 5

Queen of the South earned a season 5 renewal in August 2019 and production was underway until COVID-19 shut things down. After the cliffhanger had James turning up on Teresa’s warehouse doorstep, we were all left wondering who’s coming for her.

While Netflix offers the opportunity to binge-watch all four seasons, there’s no word yet on when season 5 will drop.

To tide you over until your next dose of Teresita, Pote, and the rest of the gang, check out these gritty crime dramas where the leads sometimes get in over their heads.

Queen of the South
‘Queen of the South’ with Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza | Skip Bolen/USA Network

‘La Reina del Sur’

We owe Queen of the South to the original La Reina del Sur starring Kate del Castillo. The series introduced Teresa Mendoza to the world via Telemundo network in 2011.

You know her story but see how Teresa went from unwilling drug mule for the Mexican cartel to running her own drug organization out of Spain as a queen pin. Death, treachery, and murder are rampant.

Seasons 1 and 2 of the Spanish-language show are available to watch on Netflix, and the series was just renewed by Telemundo for season 3.


There are two versions of Narcos streaming on Netflix right now: Narcos and Narcos: Mexico. The first takes place in Colombia and centers on Pablo Escobar, his exploits, and the DEA investigation surrounding his operations. There are three seasons of Narcos on the platform.

Narcos: Mexico explores the rise of a drug trafficking cartel under Miguel Gallardo and his fall. Season 3 hasn’t been announced, but the story is supposed to pick up with former Sinaloan police officer Amado Carillo Fuentes taking over.


John Singleton’s Snowfall stars Damson Idris as Franklin Saint. Set in Los Angeles in the ‘80s, the story focuses on Franklin’s ascent from naïve teenage crack cocaine hustler to drug boss. But is he really built for the street life?

Along the way, he encounters local gangs, family problems, cartel bosses, and the feds. The show was renewed for season 4 in 2019 but there’s no word on when it will return to FX. You can stream seasons 1-3 on Hulu.  


Claws follows a group of five women friends who wind up running a drug trafficking ring and money laundering operation out of their nail salon. Like Teresa Mendoza, the women in this series learn to balance power, relationships, and survival while committing crime.

The TNT dramedy was renewed for a fourth and final season in 2019 but production halted due to COVID-19. Watch the first three on Hulu.

‘Animal Kingdom’

Animal Kingdom features Ellen Barkin as matriarch Smurf, who is the head of her family’s criminal enterprise in a California suburb. The Codys are mixed up in a bit of everything, and their personal relationships with each other and outside the family sometimes jeopardizes “the family business.”

The Cody boys are not above murdering, robbing, and dealing, and neither is Smurf. Stream the first four seasons of the TNT drama on Hulu or Amazon Prime.

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