‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Admitted Jacob Roloff Was Taking a ‘Different Path’ All the Way Back in 2015

Those who follow Little People, Big World know all about Jacob Roloff. The black sheep of the Roloff family has always been a bit different from his siblings, and he was the first to quit the show completely. Now, he’s traveling in a van with his wife, and he’ll never return to reality TV.

Now, we’re taking a look at past TLC clips from the show — and it seems even Amy knew her son was on a “different path” than her other three kids. Here’s what she said.

Jacob Roloff quit ‘Little People, Big World’ and condemned reality TV

Zach Roloff is the only Roloff child to remain on LPBW full-time. But Jacob was the first to call it quits. He took to his Instagram back in 2016 to announce his departure from the show — and his decision certainly felt final.

“I get comments on here all the time about how people ‘miss me on the show’ or telling me I should ‘do a few more episodes’ with the family; I’m posting this to say that that will never happen,” Jacob wrote to Instagram. He then went on to explain that he couldn’t take production seriously, as the “talking points” were ridiculous, and the entire show was making his family into caricatures.

“All in all I appreciate people wanting me to ‘be with the family’ for a few more episodes, but the family that is filmed is not my family,” he added.”They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself.”

Amy Roloff said Jacob was taking his own path in 2015

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Jacob made his announcement that he’d no longer film with the show in 2016. And in 2015, it seems Amy had a feeling Jacob wouldn’t follow the same path as the rest of the Roloffs.

In a clip from the show, Amy wants Jacob to know that no matter what, she’ll always be there for him. She tries to share some of her homemade corned beef, and he notes she’s an excellent cook.

“I love to cook,” Amy tells the camera. “[I’m] hoping for it to be a reminder that I’m always a mom.” She then took a photo of Jacob holding his high school diploma, as she was making a photo album of her kid’s accomplishments.

“You know, every kid’s gotta figure it out on his own,” Amy adds. “Jacob’s taking a different path than the more traditional one. But, you know, that’s OK too. I think he’s gonna do wonderful in whatever he does. I think he’s a good kid.” Amy then added that she’ll always be Jacob’s “cheerleader” no matter what.

Jacob seems to be stepping away from 1 of his siblings

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff celebrate their new book, 'A Love Letter Life'
Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff celebrate their new book, ‘A Love Letter Life’ | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

While Amy will always be there for Jacob, we’re not sure where the youngest Roloff kid stands when it comes to his siblings. He’s publicly butted heads with Jeremy Roloff’s wife, Audrey, in recent times. And it seems he might also not see eye to eye with Jeremy, especially when it comes to politics. While Jacob is left-leaning, it seems Jeremy leans more right.

“Mannnnnnny many people message me re: my brother and his posts,” Jacob posted to his Instagram Story in September 2020, according to Reddit. “I (try to) speak to him often, and especially when it is overt disinformation. Like today. I wish it wasn’t so! But it is.”

Jacob then noted that his fans should educate those around them on the facts when possible. ““Also … maybe don’t follow him right now,” Jacob concluded his text post.

We’re not sure if Jeremy saw Jacob’s Story or if Jacob and Jeremy have reconciled since. But it seems the two might just let bygones be bygones and continue going on their separate paths.

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