‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Just Gave an Update on How Her Controversial Son, Jacob Roloff, Is Doing

The new season of Little People, Big World premieres at the end of March 2020, and we’re all anxiously waiting to see what the Roloffs have been up to. Amy Roloff made a major, life-changing decision at the end of last season. And that was to sell her half of Roloff Farms to Matt and move into a new home.

Now, Amy is hunkering down to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. But she’s still spending some quality time with a few of her loved ones, and it looks like her controversial son who left the show, Jacob, stopped by with his wife. Here’s Amy’s update on how Jacob’s doing.

Jacob Roloff quit ‘Little People, Big World’ and has no plans to return

All of Amy and Matt’s kids were on LPBW at some point. But the only remaining regular on the show is Zach Roloff and his family. Jeremy and Molly Roloff have both gone their separate ways. But it’s Jacob who made the biggest splash upon leaving the show.

Jacob was the first to leave reality TV behind, and he did so with a powerful Instagram post explaining his reasoning. “For me, noticing how the agenda of the crew doesn’t work well with the health & happiness of our family is what made me decide quite a while ago that I would not be a part of it as soon as I was able,” he wrote via Instagram back in 2016.

“All in all I appreciate people wanting me to ‘be with the family’ for a few more episodes, but the family that is filmed is not my family. They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself,” he added.

This is far from the first time Jacob has talked about his time on the show, too. In his book, Out to See, he also mentions the difficulties of being on reality TV.

Rumors suggested Jacob and Matt Roloff were feuding

Not only did Jacob not want to participate in the show, but there were plenty of rumors that he didn’t get along with his father. Matt and Amy’s divorce wasn’t easy on anyone in the Roloff family. But it may have hit Jacob particularly hard.

“Jacob and his dad, they don’t have the best relationship,” an insider told Radar Online. “I think when his parents divorced he put a lot of the blame on his dad. His mom was hurting for a long time, and he believes Matt was the sole cause of that — like his dad is the one that blew up the whole family.”

While Jacob and Matt may have feuded in the past, there’s evidence to suggest it’s all blown over now. Jacob had his wedding reception on Roloff Farms, and Matt posted photos of him helping his son out with his big day.

Amy Roloff gave an update on how Jacob’s doing

We rarely see photos of Jacob crop up on Matt’s Instagram feed. But Amy posts photos of her son with his wife, Izzy, from time to time. On March 19, Amy posted a series of photos of Jacob and Izzy, as the couple came and visited her. And it seems Jacob is doing great.

“They’ve come back to the ‘neighborhood’ for a few days. And I couldn’t be happier to see Jacob and Isabel. They’re well, doing great and living life,” Amy captioned her post. “This mom is always excited to have her kids come back, for just a visit or other. It feels like home!”

Izzy commented, “Love you,” on the post, proving she has a rock-solid relationship with Amy. And many others loved seeing this update on Jacob.

“Jacob has grown into a great young man!” one follower commented. “So happy you get to spend time with them.”

We know Jacob won’t be on the new season of LPBW, but we’re loving Amy’s Instagram updates and are hopeful for more in the future!

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