‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Said She Has ‘A Lot of Conflicting Emotions’ Regarding Her Engagement and Mother’s Death

Little People, Big World is back, and we’re learning more about Amy Roloff than ever before. Last season, we saw Amy make the major decision to move off of Roloff Farms, which is where she resided with ex-husband Matt Roloff post-divorce. Now, she’s finding a new place and embarking on a life with her partner of several years, Chris Marek. And the two are officially engaged.

While Amy’s ultra-excited about her engagement, it’s been a bittersweet experience for her thus far. She lost her mom in 2019, and she’s written about the experience on Instagram. Now, she’s opening up about it again on the show.

Amy Roloff’s mother died in September 2019

Amy’s talked a lot about her difficult childhood on LPBW, and she also referenced her troubles growing up in her memoir, A Little Me. She’s the only one in her family who’s a little person, which she’s noted made her feel quite lonely as a kid. Despite it all, she still loved and appreciated her parents, and she wrote about her relationship with them on social media.

Amy frequently visited her home state of Michigan while her mother was ill. “Wish it was for other reasons than my Mom being in the hospital- I love coming ‘home’ to Michigan,” she captioned an Instagram post from June 2019. “My Mom is doing ok. The coming home and the care she may need is the tough part. Just glad I could be here!”

When her mother died in September 2019, she spoke out about the loss. “I am so sad about my mom’s passing but comforted by all the memories I have and that she lived a happy, long life with my father,” Amy told People. “She was a great mom. Thank you for all the condolences and well wishes. Life is a gift, appreciate the moments in each day.”

Amy is now planning a wedding with her fiancé, Chris Marek

Those who watch LPBW just saw Marek get down on one knee and ask Amy for her hand in marriage. But those who follow Amy’s Instagram know they’ve been engaged for quite awhile now — and she’s more excited than ever to share her wedding plans as she creates them.

“Chris and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary of dating last Wednesday. And to my wonderful happy surprise he proposed and asked me to marry him!” Amy captioned her post from September 2019. “I couldn’t believe it it! I cried, he had tears and of course I said YES! I’m engaged and couldn’t be happier. I love this man so much.”

Since then, Amy’s spoken about her engagement on Facebook Live. And she noted she’s “traditional” when it comes to what she wants. “I’m much more of a traditional person … I want the wedding and the reception,” she told her fans. “I would like to share that experience with [Chris].”

She admitted she’s having ‘conflicting emotions’ about her wedding and her mother’s death

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The last two weeks have been a roller coaster ride. Happy and sad. Chris asked me to marry him and I couldn’t be happier – I said Yes. ❤️ and so excited and looking forward to continuing our journey together. So sad because A few days later my father told me mom was in the hospital and a day later my sister told me mom had passed away. She died on the 24th. My heart broke, I cried and sadness came upon me. I didn’t know what emotions to feel. Happy one moment sad the next. The woman who raised and taught me so much and loved me along w/ my dad passed away. She isn’t here anymore. I won’t be able to see and talk to her. And yet she’s not in pain and hurting anymore either. She lived a good life with my Dad. She didn’t have to go in a home but was able to stay in her home until she died. She would have been 87 years old and my parents would have been married 67 years on the 3rd. I’ll miss her a lot. I’ll miss not seeing her when I go back home – her strong feisty ways along with her gentle soft loving heart. I’m thankful for so much because of my Mom. I’m thankful she believed and had faith and know she’s with Jesus now. I’m thankful I got to talk to her on Sunday before she went to the hospital and then passed away. I know she’ll never stop loving me and is proud of me, I’m thankful all my kids got to go to Michigan last summer and see her and my dad and she got to meet her great grand kids. She was happy because of that. ❤️ I’m sad because I won’t be able to see and talk to her anymore and yet happy because she’s home with the Lord. I pray for my Dad. He’s by himself and He misses her so much. He’ll be 91 soon and he lost his friend, his wife and the person he’s known for over 70 years and been married to for 67 years ❤️ Even in my mom’s passing she is lovingly teaching and reminding me- life is but a moment. Be and do your best today and if tomorrow comes do it again. Mom, I love you ❤️ always. 2 Timothy 4:7-8

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Amy’s mother died in the same month she got engaged, and it’s bringing a lot of emotions to the surface even still. Now, People has an exclusive look at the episode of LPBW premiering May 5 — and it’s when Amy learns of her mother’s death.

“My mom was 86 and she passed before my parents celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary and you know, she was just having some health issues,” Amy explains. “Eventually, they found out that it was her heart. So her heart was starting to give up.”

Amy then reflected on one of her favorite recent memories with her mother — and it was the previous summer’s vacation. “My grandkids were there and I was very, very happy that my mom got to see her great-grandkids, which she always wanted,” Amy said. But she then reflected that she wished she had more time with her mom, and she wanted her mom to have more time with the Roloff kids and grandkids.

As far as the engagement being so close to her mother’s death is concerned, Amy had “conflicting emotions” about this, too. “A lot of them are happy, so it’s hard to grieve one moment and then be happy the next.”

We’ll have to wait and see how Amy handles the family death on LPBW. But we know she has the support of Marek, her kids, and her fans along the way.

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