‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff’s Instagram Story Shows Her Pining for Something She’ll Miss on Roloff Farms

There’s been plenty of drama revolving around Roloff Farms since mid-2019. While Matt and Amy Roloff both lived on the farm property post-divorce, Amy told Matt that she would sell her half of the farm to him and leave for good. She’s currently moving all of her personal belongings out of the big farmhouse and into her new home, but it’s a tough process — and she’s documenting all of her thoughts and feelings for her Instagram followers.

Now, Amy’s back on Roloff Farms packing up more of her things. And she noted on her Instagram Story that there’s one tiny aspect of the farmhouse property she’s going to seriously miss. Here’s what she said in her video.

Amy Roloff is still moving off of Roloff Farms into her new house

Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation
Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation | Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery

Moving was far from an easy decision for Amy to make, as she spent the entirety of Season 14 deciding if it was best for her to stay on Roloff Farms or go. We know now that she chose to part ways with the farmhouse she lived on for 30 years. But even after she bought the house (that’s just 15 minutes away from the farm), moving has been a real process — and she’s still working on bringing her belongings from the farm over to the new place.

“It’s been an adventure so far, definitely another BIG change in my life, after 30 years living on 33+ acres, and really not sure how to feel about it all,” Amy captioned an Instagram post on Jan. 6.

“In the meantime I’m fortunate, after 30 years living on the farm, that I get toI put on myself time, til end of January, to purge and completely move out my things and Keep what I really want and / or need from the farmhouse and take to the new house.”

Amy then added that “purging is the tough part,” but thanks to her fiancé, Chris Marek, she’s able to get major help with some house projects.

She frequently mentions what she’ll miss about the farm

Amy’s excited about what the future holds. But she still might be scared of the many unknowns to come, and she shares some of her insecurities with her Instagram followers.

Living in a neighborhood instead of the farm property might be Amy’s biggest hurdle she’s currently dealing with, as it’s a totally different environment. On an Instagram post she added on Dec. 28, 2019, she noted the “smaller backyard” is tough on both her and her dog, but she’s also getting to know her neighbors, which is a plus.

“Let’s face it, the farm will always be the farm, no comparison, but a new house in a new neighborhood will have its own adventure and it will take time to get use to it and 2020 will be another interesting year,” she captioned the post.

Amy said something small she wishes she had at her new house on her Instagram Story

Amy Roloff's Instagram Story about Roloff Farms
Amy Roloff’s Instagram Story about Roloff Farms | Amy Roloff via Instagram Story

Aside from the lack of land, it looks like Amy is missing many other aspects of farm life. She took to her Instagram Story on Jan. 28 to tell her followers she was busily packing up her things at the farm, but she couldn’t help but listen in to the sounds of nature right outside her window. And it made her realize just how she was going to miss her farmhouse life.

“It’s late January, and yes, those are frogs singing,” Amy told the camera while referring to the sound of the frogs outside. “I’m gonna miss this sound. I’m at the farmhouse late still packing away. I just had to come out here and just … wow, hear this sound again. I mean, I’m gonna miss it.”

We love that Amy’s getting so honest with her followers, as moving off the farm must come with a lot of complicated feelings. And we’re sure this isn’t the last time she’ll mention an aspect of the farm she’ll miss. But we know she’s headed for bigger and better things in her new place, and we can’t wait to get more updates on that front, too!

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