‘LPBW’: Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Are Going on ‘Prayer Walks’ to Help With Coronavirus Panic

No one could’ve imagined the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) would have as big of an impact as it currently does. All across the globe, people are practicing social isolation and self-quarantine as the virus spreads. And celebrities, as well as reality TV stars, are also sharing their new realities as the virus spreads throughout the U.S.

The new season of Little People, Big World is set to air March 31, 2020. While Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are no longer featured on the show, fans still keep up with them via Instagram and their Behind the Scenes podcast. And they’re posting about how they’re dealing with the virus, too. It looks like Jeremy and Audrey are looking for guidance via religion for their next steps. Here’s what Audrey posted about going on “prayer walks” during these trying times.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are extremely religious

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff celebrate their new book, 'A Love Letter Life'
Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff celebrate their new book, ‘A Love Letter Life’ | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Matt and Amy Roloff have mentioned religion in passing from time to time, but they haven’t made it a huge aspect of LPBW. However, Audrey and Jeremy follow strict Christian guidelines. The two decided to go forth with a covenant marriage, and they even started a blog titled Beating 50 Percent that details all the ways they keep their marriage strong without thinking of divorce as an option.

While Audrey and Jeremy mean well, they often rub fans the wrong way with their religious postings. Audrey once overshared about her honeymoon, and she wrote all about how she recited her wedding vows with Jeremy while getting intimate.

“The act of becoming physically and verbally one (at the same time), ensues an ocean of intimacy that I cannot attempt to describe,” Audrey explained.

Not only that, but Audrey and Jeremy have also shared some controversial opinions regarding gender stereotypes and anti-same-sex marriage sentiments that fans didn’t love.

Audrey appears to be coping well with social distancing amidst coronavirus scare

For all the hate Audrey and Jeremy get, they still have plenty of followers. And Audrey’s great about posting all of the happenings in her family life to Instagram for the world to see. While fans are well-acquainted with the couple’s first-born daughter, Ember, Audrey recently gave birth to a son, Bode. And she continues to post the struggles and successes associated with her second postpartum experience.

It looks like social distancing is working out well for Audrey so far. Audrey and Jeremy don’t appear to live in a densely-populated area as it is, and they frequently enjoy plenty of time outdoors with their little ones. And since Audrey has been dealing with reoccurring infections and complications after giving birth to Bode, she appears to enjoy this moment of downtime.

“Just a bunch of homebodys. This is what our days look like lately. PJs, messy buns, cuddling by the fire,” Audrey captioned her Instagram post of her and her two kids.

“Us too! Seriously kinda lovin this in a weird way,” one follower commented.

To that, Audrey wrote back, “same.”

Audrey and Jeremy are going for ‘prayer walks’

Audrey posted a photo of Jeremy and Ember on March 16, and she explained how they’re all coping with the coronavirus.

“We’ve been going on prayer walks the past few days since the weather in Oregon has been so beautiful. It’s been a refreshing escape from the house,” Audrey wrote. “I posted this to my stories yesterday, but wanted to share it again here and urge you to pray.”

Audrey then added who she’s praying for. “Pray for your friends who are in the medical field, immune compromised, and elderly,” she wrote. “Pray for your friends who own small businesses, are out of work, or financially struggling. ⁣⁣Pray for protection over your family, your home, and your friends.⁣⁣⁣ … Don’t stop praying.”

Her followers noted they’ve been praying, too. We’re interested to see how Audrey, Jeremy, and the rest of the Roloffs continue to get by.

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