‘LPBW’: Caryn Chandler Is Getting Flirty on Matt Roloff’s Instagram Video of Him ‘Staying Busy’

The new season of Little People, Big World is here, and all eyes are on Matt and Amy Roloff to see how their relationship post-divorce progresses. So far, we know Amy’s partner, Chris Marek, recently proposed — and they’re over the moon with excitement. As for Matt, he’s still with his partner of three years, Caryn Chandler. And Amy and Chandler notoriously don’t get along, as Chandler was a Roloff Farms manager prior to dating Matt.

Chandler and Matt are getting serious about their relationship, though. And Chandler is even taking to Instagram to publicly flirt with her famous boyfriend. Here’s what she just commented on one of Matt’s Instagram videos.

Matt Roloff is more romantic with Caryn Chandler than he was with Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff appear on NBC News' 'Today' show
Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff appear on NBC News’ ‘Today’ show | Peter Kramer/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Fans have plenty of opinions regarding both Matt and Amy. While Amy slammed Matt in her memoir, A Little Me, for some controlling behavior fans didn’t see on-screen, Matt has plenty of words of his own for his ex-wife. Though they’re no longer married or living on Roloff Farms together, it seems they’re both willing to admit their own wrongdoings, though. And Matt’s said he knows he’s more romantic with Chandler than he was during his marriage to Amy.

“I’ve made mistakes in the past, and you have some regrets and stuff, so I try to realize that you gotta work at it. You gotta keep up the pressure,” Matt told Us Weekly during an interview. “I’ve redoubled my efforts this time around to make sure that I’m … don’t let my guard down and I don’t let time slip away and don’t forget the important moments and the communication. That’s a lesson that I’ve learned over time.”

Engagement is likely in their future

Matt is putting a ton into his relationship with Chandler to make it work. And since Amy and her partner are now engaged, everyone’s wondering what’s next for Matt and Chandler.

Will the two be planning to walk down the aisle anytime soon? According to Matt, he’s waiting for the excitement of Amy’s engagement to wear off, as he doesn’t want to steal his ex-wife’s thunder.

“Well that’s coming down stream I hope,” he commented to a fan on Instagram. “We don’t want to step on Amy and Chris’s excitement — But you never know what might happen next! For now @carynchandler1 and I are living a very happy and our very best life together… enjoying our kids and my grandkids. A wonderful season of life!”

As for Chandler, she seems on the same page. She mentioned on the show that she’s “here for the long haul.” And while she and Amy may have some issues, she’s also anticipating attending Amy and Marek’s wedding.

Chandler publicly got flirty with Matt on his Instagram

Engagement may not be imminent for Chandler and Matt. But Chandler’s still willing to get ultra-flirty with her boyfriend even if the public notices.

On April 23, Matt posted a video of him making a model of a pool for Roloff Farms. “Goofing around staying busy,” Matt captioned the post. “What do I do to keep my mind busy. Make a model of a pool that I’ll probably never build. But it’s fun to make models.”

To that, Chandler commented, “Ur so cute when your busy creating ….” And fans noticed.

One fan wrote back, “it’s so nice to see someone appreciate him for who he is and to encourage it.”

Another added, “you both are so cute together!!”

We’re happy to see fans so supportive of Chandler’s outpouring of love for Matt. And we’re excited to see how their relationship progresses throughout the current season of LPBW!

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