‘LPBW’: Caryn Chandler Told Matt Roloff She Sometimes Feels He’s ‘Still Married’ to Amy Roloff

Those who’ve followed Little People, Big World over the years know all about Matt and Amy Roloff’s divorce. And Amy alluded in her memoir that Matt may have been cheating during their marriage with Roloff Farms manager Caryn Chandler. Today, Matt and Caryn are still together.

Now, fans are gearing up for another season of the show. And the sneak peek shows Caryn calling Matt out for engaging with Amy like the exes are still married. Here’s what’s happening.

Amy Roloff and Caryn Chandler had a difficult relationship on ‘Little People, Big World’

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Both Matt and Amy have moved on with serious relationships since their divorce. But Amy made it known on LPBW and in her memoir, A Little Me, that she’s unhappy with how everything went down with Matt. In her book, it was mentioned that there were inappropriate photos and messages sent between Matt and Caryn. And on the show, Amy mentioned that having Caryn around her at family events isn’t good for her mental health.

“Matt’s worked with her for many many years,” Amy said of Caryn. “So that will always hurt to some degree. But it is something that I will have to be an adult about — doesn’t mean I have to accept it.”

Caryn’s thrown shade at Amy as well. While she’s open to living on Roloff Farms, she mentioned she’ll never live in the big farmhouse, as that’s where Amy lived. “I would never live in the big house,” Caryn commented. “Ever. Put a pin in that.”

Amy and Matt Roloff get into a fight over the Roloff Farms property next season

It looks like there could be trouble ahead for Matt and Amy in the next season of LPBW. While Amy made the decision to move off of Roloff Farms and find a new place, it’s taking her awhile to move off of the farm property completely. And she mentioned multiple times on the show and on Instagram that she’ll miss the 30 years of memories she experienced in the farmhouse.

Unfortunately, it seems Matt wanted Amy to move off the property ASAP. And the new trailer for the next season reflects the tension.

“Oh, I’m definitely feeling overwhelmed,” Amy tells the camera regarding her big move. And the following scene shows Matt and Amy getting into a fight.

“She has trouble just letting go in general,” Matt told the camera. “That’s something she has to work through on her own time.”

Another scene in the trailer shows Matt and Amy getting in a fight over the property once again.

“We both own the property,” Amy yells at Matt. “We’re both invested in it.”

“I wish you wouldn’t be so defensive,” Matt noted.

“I wish you wouldn’t be so pushy,” Amy fought back.

Caryn Chandler told Matt Roloff it seems like he and Amy are still married

Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation NY - Talent Images
Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation NY – Talent Images | Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery

In the trailer, Caryn notices the strife between Matt and Amy. And she tells Matt that it seems like the bickering between him and Amy is reminiscent of what married couples are like.

“Wow, she came in hot,” Matt tells Caryn regarding the fight about Amy’s move.

“Sometimes, I feel like you’re still married to her,” Caryn comments.

After that, Amy’s seen storming away from Roloff Farms while yelling, “bullsh*t.”

Reality TV aside, it seems Matt, Amy, and Caryn have actually been able to set aside their differences. And Caryn even told Us Weekly that she’d go to Amy’s wedding if invited.

“You know, time heals, and so everything is moving in a good trajectory right now,” Caryn told the publication. “There’s no hard feelings, everybody’s working hard. We all love their grandchildren, and we’re together sometimes, and we make it pleasant, and I’m super, super happy for them. I think that this is something Amy wanted, and I’m glad for her.”

We’re glad the conflict seems to have blown over. But we’re still curious to see how everything goes down on the next season of LPBW!

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