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Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have a new book coming out, and critics aren’t impressed. The Little People, Big World alums are promoting Creative Love: 10 Ways to Build a Fun and Last Love, which will hit bookstore shelves on Jan. 5, 2021. While some fans are excited to hear more from Audrey and Jeremy — who also authored the 2019 best-seller A Love Letter Life, other people who follow the couple are rolling their eyes, saying the pair aren’t qualified to give marriage advice. 

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have a new book

Jeremy And Audrey Roloff
Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Jeremy and Audrey’s debut book, A Love Letter Life, was released in 2019. In it, the former reality TV stars shared their love story and their approach to married life. Now, they’ve penned a follow-up, Creative Love. 

In Creative Love (which is published by Zondervan, a Christian-focused imprint of Harper Collins), Jeremy and Audrey share some of their favorite stories from their relationship, as well as tips on communication and strategies readers can use to make their relationship with a spouse or significant other stronger. 

‘Creative Love’ is ‘an invitation, not a prescription,’ Audrey Roloff says 

Audrey hopes their fans and readers will get inspiration from her and Jeremy’s efforts to get creative in their marriage. 

“This book is an invitation, not a prescription,” Audrey wrote on Instagram. “Our marriage is full of imperfections, but we hope that sharing our creative solutions for when we mess up, fall short, and need grace will lead you to the same life-giving love we have experienced from God and each other.”

The mom of two added that her and her husband’s new book was “intended to spark conversations, pose questions, and invite you into love-strengthening practices that will help you build a fun, fulfilling, and forever love story.”

Some ‘Little People, Big World’ fans aren’t impressed 

When Audrey shared the news of her and Jeremy’s latest project on social media, many fans were excited. Several noted that they had already pre-ordered the title and many congratulated the couple on their latest endeavour.

“Congratulations [can’t] wait to read this journey of you guys,” one wrote. 

Others were less enthusiastic. They wondered what exactly qualifies Audrey, 29, and Jeremy, 30, as relationship experts when they’ve been married just six years. 

“Really, how can a couple so young seem to know so much about marriage when people out there who have been [married] for years still don ‘t have it down!!!!!” one wondered. 

“You guys are too young to give advice,” another griped. 

Naysayers also voiced their opinions about the Roloff’s new book on Reddit, with one person calling Audrey “insufferable.”

Critics have slammed other marriage products from the Roloffs 

A Love Letter Life book on display
Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff’s book A Love Letter Life | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

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The negative remarks about Creative Love aren’t the first time Audrey and Jeremy have been slammed for giving advice. When A Love Letter Life was released, the Roloffs faced criticism for offering marriage tips when they have been married for just a few years. And earlier in 2020, they began promoting “Memories of Us,” an anniversary journal that couples can use to document special moments from their marriage. It sells for $60 on the couple’s website.

Critics of the journal said the Roloffs constant emphasis on documenting special moments and reflecting on their relationship was exhausting. They wondered why they were “constantly working at their marriage” and speculated that behind the scenes, the couple’s relationship wasn’t as happy as they make it seem. 

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