‘LPBW’: Fans Are Blasting Jeremy and Audrey Roloff for Creating and Selling Yet Another Marriage Product

Those who follow Little People, Big World know all about Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. The couple got their start on the show and left it all behind a few years back to focus on their own endeavors. Now, they’ve found success in sharing their love story with their fans and giving marriage advice.

It looks like Jeremy and Audrey have a brand new marriage product, too — but fans are over the young couple’s business. Here’s what they’re talking about.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff from ‘Little People, Big World’ made a business on marriage advice

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff from 'Little People, Big World'
Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff from ‘Little People, Big World’ | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Jeremy and Audrey used Little People, Big World as their starting point — but they decided to part ways with the show and pursue their own endeavors. So far, they’ve found a ton of success. The couple started off with a website designed to help couples grow closer in a covenant marriage, which is a marriage designed to make divorce more difficult. Their website was titled “Beating 50 Percent,” but they’ve since redesigned it to simply be “The Roloffs.”

To go along with their message they put forth on “Beating 50 Percent,” Jeremy and Audrey also created The Marriage Journal. “The Marriage Journal™ is a weekly communication journal for your marriage,” the couple wrote on their site. “It will help with understanding and connecting with your spouse.”

We can’t forget that Jeremy and Audrey have a New York Times bestselling memoir, too. A Love Letter Life is all about their love story and the challenges they’ve overcome over the years.

Fans are blasting them for their latest endeavor

Jeremy and Audrey have exciting news they just announced to Instagram. They released “Memories of Us,” an anniversary journal for couples.

“We are so, so excited about this new resource that we have created for you guys,” Audrey shared on Instagram Stories. “It’s called ‘Memories of Us,’ and it’s essentially an anniversary journal, but it’s meant to be something that is an heirloom book that you can keep for 50+ years.” She then explained that each year with your spouse, you can sit down and answer a series of questions to remember that time you spent together.

“We hope Memories of Us might become a cherished book that could be passed down through generations, telling the story of your legacy,” Audrey wrote on her Stories.

It looks like fans have had enough of Jeremy and Audrey’s marriage products. “Why do these people feel like it’s so necessary to document everything in their lives?” a Reddit user wrote. “Why are they constantly working at their marriage? In my opinion, true love and intimacy should come naturally, not all tangled up in MLM and gimmicks.”

“If you have to work THAT hard to make your marriage worthwhile, it stops becoming fun and starts becoming a chore,” another wrote.

Jeremy and Audrey have angered fans in the past for talking about their relationship

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This isn’t the first time fans have been upset with Jeremy and Audrey’s projects. When A Love Letter Life was released, many thought the young couple was far too unqualified to start doling out marriage advice.

“They’ve been married for like 2 years now, right?” one Reddit user sarcastically commented. “They’re basically experts at this point.”

“I’ve been married 31 years and as far as I see not everything works for everyone,” another commented on an interview of the couple. “They certainly haven’t put in the time or years to give advice.”

“I am 32 and got married at 21,” another wrote. “My husband and I now have four kids. This couple has yet to go through the challenges that test most marriages. It’s hard to take advice from couples with limited life experience.”

Despite the backlash, Audrey and Jeremy are continuing on with their many marriage products. And we’re sure their latest won’t be their last.

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