‘LPBW’: Fans Think Roloff Farms’ New Business Plans Prove ‘Money Must Be Really Tight’

Fans of Little People, Big World know all about Roloff Farms. Matt and Amy Roloff have kept the family business going for decades, and fans love visiting for pumpkin season each year. Unfortunately, coronavirus (COVID-19) has threatened pumpkin season in 2020. And it looks like Roloff Farms has a new business plan, though fans think it’s a last-ditch resort to bring money in.

Matt Roloff from ‘Little People, Big World’ talked of trouble for Roloff Farms

Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation NY - Talent Images
Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation NY – Talent Images | Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery

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A lot’s happened on Roloff Farms over the years. While Matt and Amy both lived on the farm through their marriage, Amy moved into her own place. Now, it’s up to Matt to keep up with the place and get it ready for pumpkin season — though the current pandemic is throwing a wrench into the mix.

One of Matt’s Instagram followers made a note to him that they hope to see him at pumpkin season in 2020. And Matt had some uncertain news to share.

“Hopefully we can open,” Matt explained. “Just heard our governor @oregongovbrown say things that don’t sound promising for events such as ours. No fairs or large events. We run on a tight margin so we would have to double our prices to meet all the restrictions. We’re going to wait a few weeks and see if things are better. But sounds grim as of today.”

Matt later took to Instagram Live to explain further. “So we probably at a minimum have to go to a system where we would charge people to come in just to justify the amount of employees we’d have for cleaning,” he explained. “If we do open for pumpkin season, it might look quite a bit different than past ones. But we don’t know. We might just close down this year and skip a year.”

Roloff Farms is now hosting weddings

It looks like Roloff Farms has some new ideas in mind for the future. They’re now hosting small weddings. Those who’ve followed LPBW know Matt and Amy’s kids typically get married on the farm, but now, it looks like that opportunity is open to the public. Tori Roloff advertised the farm as a wedding venue on her Instagram, too.

According to the Roloff Farms website, those who wish to get married on the property get a two hour rental for $850. The rental includes up to 25 guests. It also includes a few picnic tables, a “portable restroom,” plenty of parking space for guests, a gazebo for the ceremony, and a pavilion that’s partially covered.

It seems soon-to-be married couples can also dress up the space as they wish. “Space is undecorated,” the site adds. “You must bring all desired decor, flowers, linens or signs.”

Fans think Roloff Farms is having money issues

Roloff Farms seems like the perfect place to have a wedding, but fans on Reddit think it could point to bigger issues since pumpkin season may not be happening.

“Launching a wedding hosting business mid-August during a pandemic. Sounds reasonable and highly profitable,” one Reddit user wrote. “Seems like Tori needed something to do + they just realized that pumpkin season might be canceled.”

“My first thought was that Matt and the gold digger finally figured out a way to get around the zoning parameters and were launching another money making scheme like the grape vines,” yet another added.

“The bare minimum is provided at a premium cost,” another wrote. “Low effort high reward for these B-listers looking to profit off their local celeb status. All while encouraging the beginnings of a superspreader event during a pandemic.”

“Money must be really tight,” a Reddit user guessed.

We’ll have to see if the Roloff Farms wedding initiative takes off. And even if pumpkin season is canceled in 2020, we have faith it’ll come back strong in 2021.

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