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We’ve been watching Little People, Big World for years, and the Roloff family dynamics have changed heavily over time. While all of Matt and Amy Roloff’s kids used to be featured on the show, only Zach Roloff has his own storyline now. And the other three adult kids have their own lives off the show.

Jacob Roloff, the youngest of Matt and Amy’s kids, made the biggest splash when he left the show. And he also had a rumored falling out with his father. Now, Matt just posted a photo to Instagram showing Jacob and his wife visiting Roloff Farms. Here’s what’s going on.

Rumors suggested Jacob Roloff didn’t get along with Matt Roloff

Matt and Amy’s divorce was seriously tough for the public to deal with, and we can’t imagine how hard it was for their kids. Amy mentioned in the past that the split was difficult for her children, too. And an insider told Radar Online that Jacob took it really hard and seemed to blame Matt for a lot of the wrongdoings.

“I think when his parents divorced he put a lot of the blame on his dad,” the insider told the publication. “His mom was hurting for a long time, and he believes Matt was the sole cause of that — like his dad is the one that blew up the whole family.”

The insider added that Jacob and Matt “don’t see eye to eye” on many life matters, which also puts strain on their relationship. “They’re both slowly building on their relationship, but I did know Jacob was very angry when his parents were first going through the divorce,” the source alleged.

The father and son have seemingly squashed any feud they may have had

Reports of a falling out are totally believable when it comes to Jacob and Matt. But now, it seems the two are ready to move on. Jacob got married last September, and while fans of LPBW didn’t get to see the wedding on the small screen, Matt made it known he had a significant hand in pulling it together.

Matt posted multiple photos of Jacob prior to the big day, which seemed to prove they squashed their feud. While Jacob didn’t have his wedding on Roloff Farms as his siblings did, he held the reception there, which is a big step in the right direction of repairing his relationship with his dad. And Matt has since posted about how proud he is of Jacob.

“So proud of the man my baby boy has become!” Matt captioned a photo of him and Jacob on Jacob’s wedding day.

Jacob visited Matt on Roloff Farms before his road trip

It looks like Jacob and Matt are proving there’s no bad blood between them once again. Matt posted a photo of Jacob and Isabel on May 20, as the happy couple visited Roloff Farms before taking off on a road trip. Jackson, Zach’s son, was also in the photo.

“Haven’t really touched social media in the last week .. but couldn’t help but share this photo… uncle Jacob and Aunt Izzy were out on the back acres getting ready to head out on one of their road trips,” Matt captioned his post. “Jackson wanted ChaCha to snap a photo. Uncle Jacob has been teaching Jackson how to use the telescope he gave him for his birthday and shoot rockets in the air.”

Isabel even commented on the photo. “Love this,” she added with a heart.

Others showed support for Matt’s post, too. “What they see on LPBW is only a fraction of what actually goes on,” a fan commented “Fans don’t know you guys personally or know the whole story. I was always raised to believe that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Love you guys.”

We’re glad Matt and Jacob were able to see each other during this difficult time!

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