‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff Says It’s Getting ‘Harder and Harder’ For Him to Get in and Out of His Car Due to His Limited Mobility

We’ve been watching Little People, Big World for years, and we’re well-acquainted with Matt Roloff. Matt and Amy Roloff divorced years ago, and the show has put a ton of focus on Amy’s move off of Roloff Farms and her new life with her partner, Chris Marek. As for Matt, he’s with ex-farm manager Caryn Chandler. And he’s the one mainly taking care of Roloff Farms — though it’s certainly getting more difficult as he ages.

Matt recently created an Instagram post showing off his new vehicle. And he noted his previous van was getting “harder and harder” for him to get out of. Here’s some insight into why he decided to get a more accessible ride.

Matt Roloff has had 15 surgeries related to his dwarfism


Matt, Amy, and their son, Zach, all have dwarfism, but Matt’s type is different than Amy and Zach’s. He has diastrophic dysplasia, and it gave him a number of hurdles to overcome during his childhood. According to In Touch Weekly, Matt talked about the many surgeries he endured throughout his lifetime on the podcast, Reality Life with Kate Casey.

Matt grew up with parents and a sister of average size. He and his brother, Sam, both were born with the same type of dwarfism. And Matt had another brother, Josh, who died from severe heart and lung issues before he became famous through LPBW.

Throughout Matt’s life, he went through 15 surgeries — and it started when he was young. “I had a rough childhood. Not from a family perspective but just from orthopedic surgery, spending long periods of time — sometimes months — in a hospital with very limited access to your parents,” Matt explained. “It was just the way they did it back in those days and going through some very painful operations. So I do think all of that sort of built up a muscle of resiliency and gave me a sense of can-do and tenacity.”

He endured a neck surgery in 2016 that could’ve left him paralyzed

Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation NY - Talent Images
Matt and Amy Roloff attend the Discovery Upfront Presentation NY – Talent Images | Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery

One of Matt’s most difficult surgeries was more recently in 2016. He explained on the show that he was having neck pain. “Since my neck’s getting worse, I have an appointment with the doctor to get a second opinion,” In Touch Weekly notes he said on the show. “It’s causing me to slow down and have to cut my activities down a lot.”

Unfortunately, all of the doctors expressed the same sentiments: The neck surgery could cause paralysis if there’s damage to the spinal cord.

“This is serious business. I knew I was going to need surgery soon,” Matt added. “Turns out, I can’t wait — it’s like walking around like a time bomb. I mean, even the slightest mistake can leave me paralyzed, so it’s pretty scary.”

Thankfully, his surgery went well, and Matt’s still able to walk, work on the farm, and go about his projects as usual.

Matt said on Instagram it’s getting ‘harder’ for him to get out of his van

Matt’s opening up again about his mobility. On May 22, he posted a photo to Instagram showing him in front of a van. And he explained in the caption that he’s getting a new vehicle because his old one is getting too inaccessible for him now.

“The van should be Arriving any minute at your shop in S. Cal.. for those that don’t know. It’s gotten harder and harder for me to get in/out of my vans,” he wrote. “This new suspension lowers the van all the way down to ground. Then back up to drive. Making it a breeze for me to get in and out. Always wanted to take advantage of this technology.”

“That’s so exciting and something your body will thank you for daily!” one follower commented.

To that, Matt replied, “That’s exactly what I’m hoping.”

Matt looks extremely happy in this photo, so we’re glad he’s finding a vehicle that suits him. We can’t wait to hear updates!

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