‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff’s Girlfriend’s Son Was Arrested for Harassment in Early 2020

Little People, Big World is officially filming for the new season, and fans are anxious to hear more about Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler’s relationship. While we see plenty of the Roloff kids and grandkids, we hear a lot less about Caryn’s two adult children. And recent reports note Caryn’s son, Connor, got in trouble with the law early on in 2020. Here’s what we know.

Caryn Chandler’s kids weren’t initially allowed to be on ‘Little People, Big World’

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Matt and Amy Roloff’s kids got their start on reality TV, but such is not the case for Caryn. While she’s attained fame for dating Matt for the past several years after meeting him from working on Roloff Farms, her children haven’t taken over much of the spotlight. And when she first started on the show, she had a legal agreement that stated her two kids, Brittany and Connor Chandler, wouldn’t be on the show at all.

Radar Online reported back in May 2019 that Caryn had an agreement with her ex-husband regarding their kids and reality TV. According to the agreement, the kids wouldn’t appear on the show until they reached adulthood and could then make the decision for themselves.

Now that both Brittany and Connor are adults, they’re allowed to make appearances. And Caryn has even told Matt on the show that it’s important that he maintains a relationship with her kids. “As we continue to get closer and plan a future together, it’s really important to me for you to have a relationship with them and I know they would like that as well,” she said.

Caryn has a son who’s gotten in trouble with the law in the past

While Brittany doesn’t seem to have any record, the same can’t be said for Connor. According to Radar Online, Connor was arrested twice prior to 2020. Back in 2016, he was arrested for “theft in the first degree,” and in 2017, he was arrested again for “criminal mischief in the second degree.” After that, he was reportedly serving a five-year probation period partially due to the fact that he failed to show to one of his court hearings.

Criminal record aside, Connor also has a history with drug addiction. He wrote on Facebook about how he first introduced to Xanax at 13 years old, and he was addicted to the prescription by 15.

“I went through 8 Impatient Rehabs, 8 outpatient treatment centers, 2 group homes, 17 times in jail, 3 warrants, 12 hospital visits for overdose, and 4 friends death from overdose before I finally got myself clean,” Connor wrote.

Connor Chandler was arrested again back in January 2020

While Connor has been transparent with his followers about his past, it seems he’s not out of the woods just yet. The Sun reported in July 2020 that Connor was arrested in January 2020 for assault, according to the Washington County sheriff’s office in Oregon.

The arrest was made on Jan. 11, and Connor was allegedly released from jail on Jan. 12. To the two counts of harassment, Connor pleaded not guilty, and a settlement conference will occur in August, The Sun added.

We’re not sure if Caryn will touch on the difficulties her son faces on the new season of LPBW, but we’re sure fans are curious, as Caryn has become a mainstay on the show. There’s also a chance her son could make an appearance and tell his story, too, though we’re not banking on that, as he’s never had a huge part in the series. We’ll have to wait until August to see how everything gets handled in court.

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