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Season 21 of Little People, Big World is off to a rough start for Amy Roloff. Amy’s working on moving off of Roloff Farms, and ex-husband Matt Roloff made it known he’d like her to move as soon as possible. While Matt and Amy are getting into it, Matt’s also listening to what his long-term girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, has to say.

Now, it looks like Matt’s focusing on building a new home. While he wants Caryn to live there, Caryn made it clear she’s focusing on herself. Here’s what happened in episode 3.

Caryn Chandler’s said on ‘Little People, Big World’ she doesn’t want to move into Amy Roloff’s old house

Amy and Caryn have a lot of history. According to Amy’s memoir, A Little Me, she found photos and text evidence to suggest Matt was getting flirty with a Roloff Farms manager. It’s presumed Amy was talking about Caryn, as Caryn worked on Roloff Farms at the time.

Now, Amy and Caryn are civil — but such wasn’t always the case. Amy made it known it made her uncomfortable when Caryn came to family events. And Caryn’s made it clear she’s not a big fan of Amy, either.

So far in season 21 of LPBW, we know Amy made the decision to move off of Roloff Farms while Matt is still residing on his side of the property. While Amy’s leaving the big, beautiful farmhouse behind, Caryn made it known she’d never live there.

“I would never live in the big house,” Chandler told the cameras. “Ever. Put a pin in that.”

Caryn said she’s ‘focusing’ on her ‘own stuff’ instead of looking to move in with Matt Roloff

It seems Matt has no plans to live in Amy’s farmhouse, either. In fact, episode 3 of season 21 shows Matt coming up with plans to build his own house that would be little person-friendly and perfect for him to share with Caryn.

“I also wanted to show [Caryn] and kind of unveil the model of the house,” Matt explained to the cameras. “I’ve always wanted to build a house from scratch. I’ve been thinking about this house ever since Amy mentioned that she was going to sell me the south side, so three years.”

In the show, Matt then showed Caryn his model — and he mentioned he plans to construct a “big ole his and hers bathroom” and “his and hers closet.” But Caryn still thinks it’s much more his project than a project for both of them.

“Matt’s definitely not building a house for the two of us,” Caryn mentioned. “I’ve always loved the farm, but it’s Matt’s farm, it’s Amy’s farm, and so I kind of want to let all that stuff fall where it needs to be on its own. I’m just focusing still on some of my own stuff that I still want to accomplish in my life.”

Caryn and Matt aren’t on the fast-track to marriage, either

‘LPBW’: Caryn Chandler Said Matt Roloff’s Attention to Amy Roloff and Roloff Farms Isn’t ‘Fair’ to Her

While Matt certainly sees Caryn in his future, it seems they’re not rushing down the aisle just yet. Amy got engaged to Chris Marek in September 2019, and her wedding plans are now delayed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. And it seems Matt might wait until well after Amy’s wedding to propose, as he doesn’t want to steal Amy’s thunder.

“We don’t want to step on Amy and Chris’s excitement — but you never know what might happen next!” Matt told a follower on Instagram. “For now @carynchandler1 and I are living a very happy and our very best life together … enjoying our kids and my grandkids. A wonderful season of life!”

We’re looking forward to hearing more about Matt’s plans to build a home that Caryn may (or may not) also reside in!

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