‘LPBW’ Star Caryn Chandler Said She Spends a Lot of Time ‘Solo’ While Living With Matt Roloff: ‘We Don’t Sit and Stare at Each Other’

We’ve been keeping up with Matt and Amy Roloff on season 21 of Little People, Big World. And there seems to be a ton of tension between the exes. While Amy’s working on moving off Roloff Farms, many fans are wondering if Matt’s girlfriend of over three years, Caryn Chandler, is going to move in.

It seems Caryn’s getting her first real taste of full-time living with Matt because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Here’s what she said about spending a lot of time “solo.”

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff from ‘Little People, Big World’ don’t live together on Roloff Farms

Matt and Amy lived together on the farm for 30 years, and now, the show’s focusing on Amy’s big move off of the property. Amy adored the farm, but the divorce forced her into a difficult corner. Now, she’s found a new place and is getting settled in — and she ultimately sells Matt her half of the huge property.

As for Matt and Caryn, the two met on the farm many years back. And it’s clear Caryn has a connection to the farm, too, as she was a Roloff Farms manager prior to dating Matt. So far, though, it seems Caryn still doesn’t live on the property, as she knows that’s Matt and Amy’s place. She seems to be careful about potentially stepping on any toes.

Caryn was asked about her thoughts on moving into Amy’s old farmhouse, though. And to that, it’s a hard no. “I would never live in the big house,” Caryn explained. “Ever. Put a pin in that.”

Matt and Caryn have been living together since the pandemic hit

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While Matt and Caryn weren’t living together on Roloff Farms, they’re certainly used to spending all of their time together. Matt bought a place for them in Surprise, Arizona, right near Caryn’s parents. And they spend a lot of time in the warmer climate to get away from the cold Oregon winters.

Arizona aside, it seems the couple is getting even cozier thanks to the pandemic. In Season 21 Episode 4 of LPBW, Matt and Caryn talk about what it’s been like living under the same roof 24/7. And it seems Caryn’s still enjoying finding as much time alone as possible.

“I think we kinda hang out in the morning,” Caryn explained to the camera. “We have coffee. And then we both sort of spend the afternoon doing this project or that project solo. You know, we don’t sit and stare at each other.”

“I think we’re actually getting along as good as ever,” Matt added.

Caryn might not move into a new house Matt builds, either

In a previous episode this season, Matt talked about building a brand new house on the Roloff Farms property. He discussed making it accessible for someone of his height, but he also explained he’ll be including amenities that he knows Caryn would like. As for Caryn, she noted Matt’s new house build is much more for himself than it is for her.

“Matt’s definitely not building a house for the two of us,” Caryn explained to the cameras. “I’ve always loved the farm, but it’s Matt’s farm, it’s Amy’s farm, and so I kind of want to let all that stuff fall where it needs to be on its own. I’m just focusing still on some of my own stuff that I still want to accomplish in my life.”

So, does that mean Caryn won’t move into a home that Matt builds if it’s on Roloff Farms? We’re not sure, though it seems the couple has plenty of time to figure it out.

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