‘LPBW’: There Might Be a Serious Rift Between Zach Roloff’s Wife, Tori, and Jeremy Roloff’s Wife, Audrey

Those who’ve been watching Little People, Big World know all about Matt and Amy Roloff’s kids. Jeremy, Zach, Jacob, and Molly were all featured on the show at some point — though now, it’s just Just Zach and his wife, Tori, who are regulars along with Matt and Amy. Even without Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, on the show, they keep their followers informed on what they’re up to via Instagram.

The Roloff kids and in-laws generally seem to be quite close. But recent Instagram content from Tori might indicate that she and Audrey aren’t close at all. And given what we know about Audrey’s controversial views and past feuds with Jacob, it seems there could be something bigger going on than fans know.

Audrey and Tori Roloff both have 2 kids

Zach and Tori share their personal lives with fans via LPBW and Instagram. They have two kids, Jackson and Lilah, and both are little people. Through the show, fans have heard all about Tori’s worries and biggest fears when it comes to raising children with dwarfism, as she’s of average height. But she’s also stated that she loves her kids no matter what, and fans adore how candid she gets both on the show and on social media.

As for Jeremy and Audrey, they also have two kids, Ember and Bode. And their children are so close in age to Zach and Tori’s kids that some have speculated the couples planned to get pregnant at the same time.

Ember and Jackson also appear to be the best of friends, too. Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, frequently post photos of the two kids on Roloff Farms enjoying quality cousin time together.

Audrey has caused a lot of controversy for her views

There’s no doubt that Jeremy and Audrey seem to have a loving, successful relationship — and they absolutely adore their family and children. But Audrey still remains a source of drama for the Roloffs. She and Jeremy have a covenant marriage and incorporate religion into their relationship. And when it comes to the LGBTQ community, Audrey’s made it known any marriage advice she gives out on their blog, Beating 50 Percent, is for straight couples only.

Not only that, but Audrey has also expressed transphobic views. When CoverGirl announced their first CoverBoy, James Charles, Audrey felt confused by the lack of gender norms. She told the internet that she didn’t agree with CoverGirl’s decision, either.

Jacob, the black sheep of the family, also seems to have major disagreements with Audrey. He recently called her out for her performative Black Lives Matter post she added to her Instagram Story. And after that, she noted she was “weathering a shame storm.”

There are indicators that Tori and Audrey barely see each other


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We know Jacob and Audrey likely don’t see each other often, if at all. But Audrey and Tori typically appear to be on good terms. It looks like the two haven’t seen much of each other since Lilah’s birth, though.

According to The Sun, Tori posted a photo of Lilah with another baby to her Instagram Story. Tori captioned the photo, “Meeting another baby for the first time: a series.” Lilah’s now 8 months old, and given the caption, this means she hasn’t met Bode yet. Bode was also born in January, so the little ones have had plenty of time to meet.

If Bode and Lilah haven’t met, does this mean Jackson and Ember haven’t been hanging out either? It seems this isn’t actually the case. On May 7, Matt posted photos of Ember, Jackson, and Bode all at the farm. We’re not sure if Tori was there, but the cousins hanging out is a good sign that everything is actually just fine and there’s no major family rift.

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