‘LPBW’: Tori Roloff Explained She Got a C-Section for Her Second Pregnancy Due to Baby’s Dwarfism

We’ve been watching the Roloff family for years thanks to Little People, Big World. While the spotlight is typically on Matt and Amy Roloff, Zach Roloff and his wife, Tori, are also regulars on the show. And while the couple’s willing to share their story on TV, Tori is also quite open with her Instagram followers when it comes to her insecurities and daily life as a mom of two.

Now that Tori recently had her second baby, she’s getting candid once again with her Instagram followers. She welcomed her fans to ask her personal questions, and she finally addressed her daughter’s dwarfism. Not only that, but she also mentioned she had a C-section because of it. Here’s what Tori wrote.

Tori Roloff shared her entire second pregnancy journey with her followers

It’s not unusual for famous folks to share aspects of their personal lives with their fans, but Tori takes it to the next level by really getting deep. And since announcing her second pregnancy to having baby Lilah Ray Roloff, her followers have had the opportunity to go through her emotions throughout the journey.

Tori announced that Lilah Ray was born on Nov. 19, 2019 — and the pregnancy wasn’t easy for her.

“The last few days have really been a struggle for me. This last stage of pregnancy has hit me hard,” she wrote on Instagram in September 2019. “I know this is a time to be selfish and slow down but it’s so hard to sit around while my husband works and my 2 year old wants attention. I constantly feel serious FOMO.”

Now that Lilah is born, though, Tori, Zach, and their 2-year-old son, Zach, seem to be finding balance in their lives.

“We are loving our sweet Lilah ray and have really gotten to know her this month,” Tori captioned a post of baby Lilah on Jan. 20. “Time goes by so quickly and I’m trying to just enjoy every last second. We love you sweet bean!”

She just briefly talked about her daughter’s dwarfism

Tori Roloff's Instagram Story
Tori Roloff’s Instagram Story about her daughter, Lilah Ray | Tori Roloff via Instagram Story

Now that Lilah is 2 months old, Tori’s taking on some fan questions about her life, her daughter, and her family in general. According to People, Tori noted her hospital visit for her second baby was extra hard.

“The hospital this time was so much more difficult for me,” she told a follower. “However I feel like I’ve recovered a lot faster this time around. Now just trying to get back into shape and love my body through [postpartum].”

When another follower asked, “Why did you have a second c-section???” Tori answered this as well — and she verified that, like her son, Jackson, Lilah is a little person.

“Because Lilah has dwarfism. It’s not that I couldn’t have a vbac but just most likely it would have ended in a c section so we just skipped ahead,” the new mom answered.

Caryn Chandler and Amy Roloff verified the news months ago

Many of Tori’s fans have been anxiously awaiting to hear from Tori if Lilah has dwarfism. Since Zach is a little person and Tori is of average height, their children have a 50% chance of being little people. And Tori remained quiet about whether Lilah had dwarfism or not throughout the entirety of her pregnancy, which left many of her followers guessing.

Before Tori’s recent Instagram Story Q&A, the secret was out, though. Matt Roloff’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, posted a photo of herself holding baby Lilah just days after she was born. And she told one of her Instagram followers, “yes she is an LP like her brother.”

Amy also spilled the beans. On a Facebook Live video, Amy said that Lilah would “have the same type of dwarfism as her dad Zachary and brother Jackson. She will be a little person.”

We’re not sure how Tori feels about her family talking about aspects of her daughter that she didn’t reveal herself. But now that the info is out, it seems she’s ready to talk about it, give updates, and answer questions.

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