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Tori Roloff has nothing but love for her fans. The Little People, Big World star took to Instagram on Jan. 8 to share how much it means to her to get support on social media, especially considering that people can often be unkind online. 

Tori Roloff thanks her fans for being ‘positive’ 

Roloff, who gave birth to her second child with husband Zach Roloff in November, wrote in the lengthy post how grateful she was for people’s kindness. 

“I just wanted to jump on here and tell y’all how much I love you guys, the 28-year-old wrote. “There are days that social media can be a really dark and mean space but then there are other days (like today) where you all know how to make it positive.”

She went on to say that she receives nice messages and comments from fans daily, and she wanted people to know that she reads them. “They encourage me to be better and I strive to bring light to the dark with this social media thing.”

Roloff can’t believe how many people are following her

Roloff, who married her husband in 2015, said she was blown away by the number of followers she had, and added that she hoped to use the platform she’s been given for good. 

“I really believe I’ve been given a gift with the amount of people I’m able to reach on a daily basis. It’s still crazy to me that I have over a million followers and that people care at all about me and my family,” she wrote. 

Roloff noted that she is a “normal” person who just happened to end up in the spotlight. She said she hoped to be a role model to others and “look back on all of this and be proud of what I’ve left behind on social media for myself and my kids. As long as this place brings me joy, I’ll be here.” 

Roloff has been candid on social media 

Tori Roloff
Tori Roloff | toriroloff via Instagram

Roloff has been open about sharing her life and struggles on social media. In December, she posted about “trying really hard” to love her post-baby body. “[T]here are jiggles in places that are honestly just hard to come to terms with,” she wrote.  

In January, she posted about a close call with mastitis, a painful inflammation of breast tissue that’s often caused by clogged milk ducts. Roloff explained in her Instagram Story that she caught the issue before it became something more serious. 

Before she gave birth to daughter Lilah Ray, Roloff also talked about her feelings about being pregnant. 

“I’m not one of those women who loves being pregnant,” she wrote in an August 2019 Instagram post. “I thank God for this amazing gift every single day and I know how blessed I am but it definitely hasn’t made me feel my best.”

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