‘LPBW’: Tori Roloff Responds to Instagram Mom-Shamers, Says ‘I Don’t Owe You Anything’

Is Tori Roloff firing back at mom-shamers on Instagram? The Little People, Big World star took to social media over the weekend to let people know that it wasn’t her job to educate people about dwarfism. The wife of Zach Roloff added that even though she was living her life in the public eye, she didn’t “owe” anything to people online. The blunt comments came a few days after some people asked questions about the health of her son Jackson, 3.

Tori Roloff: ‘You don’t own me’ 

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In the July 12 Instagram post, Roloff shared a photo of herself with Jackson and daughter Lilah Ray, 7 months. In the caption, she declared that she is “not responsible for teaching the world anything about dwarfism or a pandemic or any other global issue.”

The 28-year-old added that she recognized she was privileged “to have a platform” that allowed her to share information with her 1.4 million Instagram followers on issues important to her, including dwarfism.  

Roloff went on to point out that she didn’t choose to live her life in the public eye, but that because she fell in love with her husband, she’s accepted the lack of privacy. “This all comes along with him and our family and I feel like I’ve done a damn good job of being the best I can be,” she wrote. 

“I don’t owe you anything,” Roloff added. “You don’t own me. You can’t manipulate me. This is my Instagram and I can choose what I want to share.”

Commenters were concerned about the ‘Little People, Big World’ star’s son 

Roloff didn’t get specific about what prompted her defensive post. But she might have been responding to comments on her Fourth of July post from people who were worried about her son Jackson. The toddler has achondroplasia, the same form of dwarfism as his father Zach. 

After complimenting the “great pic,” one person wrote that they noticed that Jackson’s legs “are curving even more.”

“Is he in pain?” the person asked. “Is there a way to correct while he is young? Just asking out of concern.”

Roloff reassured the commenter that her son was in “no pain.” 

“He’s actually popping his hip here with some sass,” she explained. “It exaggerates the bowing.”

Tori Roloff has been open about her life as a mom 

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In the past, Roloff has spoken candidly about her life as a mom. Earlier in July, she shared that she was feeling “mom guilt” over whether daughter Lilah was getting the socialization she needs during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. She also talked about how she felt when she learned her daughter had dwarfism. She got the news shortly after a close friend received some bad news about her pregnancy. 

“I remember being so absolutely heartbroken for her and her family. So when I went to our doctor appointment and found out Lilah has dwarfism I remember feeling guilty for being worried,” she recalled in an Instagram post. 

“There are people out there that have way more difficult journeys than I do but that doesn’t discredit my own feelings,” she added. “The same goes for everyone. It’s okay to feel whatever you’re going through.”