‘Lucifer’ Actor Tom Ellis Says He Would Answer the Door if Marvel or DC Came Knocking

Ever since the Devil arrived in Los Angeles for a short vacation, he has found it challenging to go back home as he found himself entangled with the city and the detective. In recent seasons of the TV series Lucifer, the cheeky little Devil has had some growing up to do.

His relationships with those around him, human and celestial alike, have improved over time. With his vacation coming to an end, Lucifer star Tom Ellis now has his sights set on other ventures, including eyeing roles in Marvel and DC.

‘Lucifer’ follows the titular character’s development

Tom Ellis as Lucifer in 'Lucifer'
Tom Ellis as Lucifer | FOX/Getty Images

Lucifer debuted in 2013 on Fox, telling a tale as old as time but with a modern and comical twist. The show revolves around the celestial being Lucifer who, like all humans, feels tired of his job (only that his job involves torturing humans) and decides to take a vacation away from it all.

The best place he sees fit for a proper vacation is in Los Angeles, and so he begins to set roots. Although he doesn’t plan to stay, Lucifer finds himself intertwined in cases that make his resolve stronger to stay on Earth longer than planned. He even takes up a regular day job working as a police consultant seeing as his talents are oh so unique.

Tom Ellis would welcome a role in the Marvel or DC universe

Although Ellis has had a far-reaching career before his appearance as the cheeky little devil on Lucifer, the Netflix series has helped him stamp his name in Hollywood and has expanded his resume.

Recently Ellis sat down with IMDb to answer fan questions, and one fan asked him a unique but expected question. One of the fans asked the actor if he had any desire to take part in a comic book movie. Ellis said, “Sure, I think most actors, if you ask them, would say yes to that question.”

The fan further specified the question narrowing the options down to Marvel or DC. The Lucifer star cautioned that he didn’t want to say no to either comic book powerhouse but enthused that he would open the door for “whoever comes knocking.”

When does Season 6 of ‘Lucifer’ premiere?


Lucifer has been one of Netflix’s strongest shows, with fans lapping up all content involving the cast ensemble. Before finding a home on Netflix, the show aired on Fox but got canceled after three seasons, but fans didn’t take the cancellation well. Lucifer fans signed petitions, but Fox seemed adamant to let the fan-favorite show go.

However, Netflix, not one to let an opportunity pass by, decided to renew the show and moved it to the streaming service, giving fans all the previous seasons at once to binge on. Season 5 was supposed to be the last season, but fans weren’t ready to give the show and its cast a proper goodbye prompting for an additional season which Netflix swears is the last.

TV Guide reports that season 6 of Lucifer debuted on September 10 on Netflix, and fans are thrilled to see how Lucifer’s journey ends.

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