‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Episode 1 Recap: Lucifer Is Back on His Job as the ‘Really Sad Devil Guy’

He’s back! After what feels like an eternity, Lucifer is back on Netflix with part 1 of season 5. Everyone’s favorite devil has his hands full in the first episode and there quite a few surprises. We know you’ve been waiting to find out if Deckerstar reunites and how Detective Douche is doing, so here’s a recap of episode 1 of Lucifer.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Lucifer Season 5, Episode 1: Really Sad Devil Guy]

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 2
Tom Ellis, Lauren German in ‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Episode 2 | John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Lucifer is on a new case … kind of

It’s a new case and there’s a huge party on a yacht. The host leaves the deck to change into a swimsuit, and Lucifer is waiting in the room, having a drink. He warns the man someone is coming into the room to murder him. The man doesn’t believe him, but he gets shot.

Maze, Chloe, Ella are on the crime scene and find the victim’s hand is severed. They identify him as Lee and he was a burglar.

As they work, Ella gripes about Lucifer moving to Florida without saying goodbye or answering her texts. She apologizes to Chloe (who’s keeping a secret about his true whereabouts) for rambling about him.

The scene cuts to Luxe where Maze and Chloe are partying. Amenadiel is running the place. After greeting the ladies, he spots a drug deal in the corner and approaches the seller.

He warns the man that the club is under new management and no one sells drugs here “without me getting a cut.” Wait, who is this version of Amenadiel?

Meanwhile, Lee and Lucifer have a conversation about the Hell loop. Lee’s having a hard time accepting it, and Luci explains it’s his own guilt that brought him there.

When Lee laments how good his life was in Marina Del Rey, Lucifer is reminded about Chloe. He tells him there’s a good chance he knows the detective on his case and they were quite the team.

A light bulb goes off and Lucifer says he’s going to do something he hasn’t done in a long time: solve his murder. Luci explains that since Lee didn’t see the shooter’s face, they have to figure that part out.

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Chloe and Maze partner up

Back on Earth, Chloe interviews Lee’s sister about possible suspects, and the woman says her brother owed lots of debts. But she doesn’t understand why someone would cut off his hand.

Maze disrupts the chat by throwing a guy against the door glass. “Chloe, I have a lead.” Maze coerces him (in her special way) into telling Chloe about Lee’s alleged killer. Word on the street is it’s some mafia guy/gambling bigshot named Dirty Doug. According to Maze’s source, Doug severed Lee’s hand to send a message.

The women decide they want to infiltrate one of Doug’s poker games, but the source advises against it. He says the games are exclusive invitation only. “I know someone who could have gotten us in,” Chloe says sadly. Maze pretends they don’t need Lucifer and promises to get the job done.

Linda and Amenadiel try extra hard to be good parents

The scene cuts to Linda, baby Charlie, and Ella stopping in for a visit. Linda is extra and believes Charlie is a baby genius.

She asks Ella whether she wants kids, and Ella says sure, but she wants to find a good guy first. No more bad boys. She reluctantly agrees to tutor the two-month-old baby in science.

Amenadiel visits the precinct and runs into Dan who’s on a new aromatherapy kick. It’s part of a whole self-improvement regimen he’s using to address guilt and other issues. Amenadiel wants to report a crime and tells the detective about the drug dealer at Luxe.

Now, he wants to be part of an undercover operation to catch him. Dan is not on board, but he understands Amenadiel wants to help better the world. In a different part of the office, Maze shows Chloe a bloody card, which is their entry into the poker game.

In Hell’s replay, Lucifer and Lee show up at the exclusive poker party, and it’s revealed he’s in the hole for $700,000. Lee points out Dirty Doug to Lucifer. The scene cuts to Chloe and Maze at the party.

They agree to lose the game on purpose, and Chloe sits down for a round of Texas Hold ‘Em. At the same time, Lee and Lucifer are recreating a scenario from the poker party, and Lee is at the table.

After Chloe loses, Dirty Doug walks up and offers a marker. She and Maze ask him about the terms of receiving a marker and point to rumors that people end up dead if they can’t pay him back.

Doug references Lee and says he’s a reasonable man. One can either work with him or end up with a bullet in their head, he says.

A snarky Maze says it sounds like a confession but Chloe slips up and says no, Lee was shot in the chest Doug catches it and realizes she’s a cop. Chloe admits it and they spot a man running out of the party. They take off after him and he winds up getting hit by two cars. Now he’s dead too.

A demon plays messenger for Lucifer

Ella arrives on the crime scene and there’s no ID on the guy, but she makes googly eyes at Dirty Doug who’s outside being questioned. Maze teases her and Ella swears she’s done with bad boys.

Back in the Hell playback, Lucifer snaps at Lee like he’s Chloe but snaps out of it. One of his minions brings in a new arrival. It’s the guy who was hit in the street and he’s confused about where he’s landed.

Lucifer sends a demon into the dead guy’s body to send Chloe a message. “It’s safe where you stored it,” he says. She’s confused.

Lucifer tells Lee it’s time to get back to his Hell loop. Lee asks about the detective Luci talks himself into circle about Chloe. The conversation descends when Luci believes Lee is trying to manipulate him, but Lee says he seems like a “sad devil guy.” Lee does want help but that sends Lucifer into a rage.

Dan drops Trixie (who’s grown so much!) off at Linda’s and he returns some self-help books to her. They chat about enjoying the present moment and Linda learns a small lesson when Charlie laughs for the first time.

The demon’s message is decoded

At the precinct, Chloe, Maze, and Ella discuss the new dead guy. He’s a hitman named Vernon Gill, but Dirty Doug didn’t hire him. Chloe utters what the demon told her and it rings a bell with Ella.

Gill was paying storage fees at a place called “You Stored It.” After Ella leaves the room, Chloe tells Maze about the demon messenger. They head to the facility.

Lucifer is running Lee’s Hell loop. They’re in his old car and are parked outside his parents’ house. It was the last time his family got together. His sister had a new baby and not long after, his parents both passed away.

Chloe and Maze are almost knocked over by someone in the storage unit but Maze overpowers the person. It’s Meg, Lee’s sister.

At Luxe, Amenadiel learns the hard way that not all drug dealers are created equal. The sting operation turns up nothing because it’s just a kid selling his family’s medication.

Amenadiel is still reeling from season 4’s drama and is going to extremes to keep Charlie safe. Dan explains it’s impossible to remove all forms of danger from the world.

Chloe and Maze talk to Meg and find the safe in the unit. Meg says she found nothing but a gun inside. She hid with the gun because she thought the ladies were the killer(s). She then talks about missing her brother and their messed up relationship.

Meg walks away, and Maze reminds Chloe they don’t need Lucifer. She kisses Chloe, who’s caught off guard. Chloe admits she’s “not ok” and tells Maze she knows what it feels like to be abandoned.

She thinks they’re both dealing with emotional voids and are using their working relationship to fill them. Chloe misses Luci and Maze misses Eve.

In Hell, Lucifer prods Lee to go inside the house with his family. He doesn’t want to, and then Lucifer goes on a diatribe about fear, failure, and disappointment. He’s really talking about himself.

All hell breaks loose

Chloe accompanies Meg home with boxes from the storage unit. Lee’s hand is on the counter and a man threatens them with a shotgun. He is Lee’s old acquaintance, Rod.

He demands the money that Lee stashed from their last job. Meg says he probably blew it on gambling or the yacht. Chloe tricks him and shoots the guy. Another three men walk out with guns and start shooting. The women duck for cover.

Rod arrives in Hell with a demon who takes him to Lucifer. “He has news about that detective,” he says, interrupting Lucifer’s rant to Lee.

Lucifer shows up in the middle of the shootout between Chloe and the bad guys. He helps end the gunfight and Chloe is stunned to see him. She kisses him and asks if everything’s ok. “You seem different,” she says. He mentions how it’s been thousands of years since he’s seen her. They embrace.

The episode ends with Linda and Amenadiel having fun with Charlie, Ella’s sexual rendezvous with Dirty Doug, Dan’s reflective moment, and Maze’s return to Lucifer’s penthouse. Maze destroys Luci’s piano and breaks down.

But King Lucifer is still in Hell with Lee and says he’s right where he belongs. He doesn’t plan to return to Earth to help Chloe because “she’ll be fine without me.” Lucifer’s impostor glares into the camera.