‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Lucifer 2.0 Makes His Fearless Debut

This season’s episode 2 of Lucifer this features a major reveal about the celestial family tree and the power of tampering with earthly matters.

While the police procedural part of this episode is par for the course, it’s the drama between Lucifer and Chloe that’s the real undercurrent in the Netflix show. Things were set up with a possible impostor at the end of episode 1, but how will that play out moving forward? Here’s a recap.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Lucifer Season 5, Episode 2: Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!]

Lucifer Season 5, episode 2
Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ Season 5, Episode 2 | John P. Fleenor/Netflix

It’s Lucifer 2.0

The episode opens with an astronaut getting stabbed in the neck by another fully suited astronaut. They’re at a gated compound in the middle of the desert.

In the penthouse, fake Lucifer is practicing his British accent in a full-length mirror while naked. This scene is drawn out before cutting to Chloe and Ella at the astronaut’s crime scene.

The victim is Judy, a biochemist who was working on a Mars project meant to transport civilians to the red planet. Of course, a billionaire is funding the operation. His name is Brody.

Faux Lucifer shows up and greets Chloe, but he’s accosted by Ella who pummels him with a shoe. She’s angry he ran off to Florida without saying goodbye. He catches Chloe’s signal to flow with that lie, adding he had to help him mom with the family business. They make up.

Chloe takes him aside and calls out the fact that he lied, something he never does. Imposter Luci excuses his behavior by bringing up how long he’s been away (in Hell’s time) and to prove it, compliments Dan. That makes Chloe more suspicious, but he proclaims it’s “Lucifer 2.0.”

Chloe grows suspicious about Lucifer and she’s not the only one

The scene flips to Chloe having a chat on Linda’s therapy couch. Linda advises Chloe that Luci is probably acting weird because he was in Hell for thousands of years, even if it’s only been a couple of months for humans.

Chloe suspects he may be lying but Linda says, “At least we know that’s something he never does, right?” Chloe tells Linda he changed that policy too, but she’s advised that he needs time to adjust back to Earth life.

Back at the precinct, Chloe and fake Lucifer question the space campers. She hints that he should use his “desire” tactic to interrogate them, but of course it doesn’t happen. He’s being overly respectful and professional while Chloe plays bad cop.

It gets funny when Sharon Osborne (yes, that one) is in the hot seat and makes a remark about bat heads. She tells fake Luci she never got the chance to thank him for helping her hubby — from one prince of darkness to another.

This Lucifer is not cracking jokes, doing inappropriate things, threatening people, or following Chloe’s lead. She is super suspicious. Even Dan thinks something is fishy when faux Lucifer hands him his pudding. We know the real Lucifer is notorious for stealing Dan’s pudding.

The pair visit the lab that’s overseeing the Mars project and speak with the program’s leaders, Sam and Andie. They learn Judy may have been at odds with someone in the lab named Donovan. She was promoted over him and he was fired after flying off the handle.

Lucifer 2.0 reassures Chloe that he has strong feelings for her and asks for her patience. He returns to the penthouse and Maze attacks him. She’s angry he went home without her.

She hems him up and he says he’s not Lucifer, and Maze remembers he has a twin brother. This is Michael, and he has an American accent! He flexes his wings.

She wants to know why he’s there. He explains how Gabriel, Raphael, and Remi all praised Lucifer’s return to Hell. But Michael thinks Lucifer is the family rebel without a cause. He wants to prove Lucifer is a phony, so he’s taking his place to draw him out and believes Luci will “show his true colors.”

Maze doesn’t agree and warns him humans are smart, especially Chloe. She doesn’t want to help him, but he convinces her that he knows things and if she sticks it out with his ruse, she can enjoy beating up Lucifer later.

Michael stops down at a Luxe to chat with a shocked Amenadiel. He assures him he took care of the demon problem in Hell and Charlie is safe. Amenadiel seems suspicious.

‘Lucifer’ spreads his wings

Elsewhere, Chloe and Michael/Lucifer stake out Donovan for their case. They go on a high speed car chase. Chloe orders him out of the car, he charges her in his Porsche, and she shoots through the windshield. Michael grabs her, spreads his wings, and floats over the car to avoid getting hit.

They take Donovan to headquarters and interrogate him. He denies killing Judy and tells them Brody and Judy were having an affair. Brody is married so Chloe and Michael/Luci deduce that Judy was killed for being a mistress.

While Chloe is off trying to contact Brody, Dan approaches faux Lucifer about standing around doing nothing. It’s weird, and he thinks something is off. Chloe returns and says Brody is in space, so “we” have the night off.

Michael awkwardly says he’ll go home and have dinner by his lonesome, and Chloe is confused. She thinks it may be an invitation.

She shows up to the penthouse with their favorite meal and walks in on Michael and Maze in bed. Hurt, she drops the food and runs into the elevator. She still doesn’t know it’s not Lucifer, but he catches the door and wants to explain. He runs the line about being away and she just wants to be alone.

Chloe wants to move forward with Lucifer

Detective Chloe and “Lucifer” go to Brody’s conference and take him aside to ask him about Judy. He recognizes Lucifer as the person who taught him forgiveness.

Chloe urges Michael/Luci to use his “power” and he asks Brody about his greatest … fear. That definitely throws Chloe off, but Brody falls for the spell and admits he hates outer space.


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Judy found out and threatened to tell everyone he didn’t want to go to Mars and it was all for publicity. Brody says he was vomiting all night (his alibi) but won’t talk anymore without his lawyer.

Outside, Chloe tells fake Lucifer that she empathizes with this ordeal in Hell and can’t imagine what he went through. She says it’d be strange if he didn’t change and based on his experience, fear and dishonesty probably followed him back. Michael is thrown off by her kindness.

Over at Luxe, Linda arrives to pick up the baby but Amenadiel is paranoid about parting with him. He’s held him for 15 hours straight and tells Linda that Lucifer is back. To him, that means the demons are still a threat. Linda disagrees and calms him by saying Lucifer wouldn’t come back unless Hell was in order.

Amenadiel is satisfied and points out that Luci wouldn’t lie, and then Linda shares what Chloe told her about Lucifer 2.0 being dishonest. Amenadiel is shocked but is contemplating what she says.

Maze visits Chloe at the precinct to apologize. Chloe insinuates both Maze and Lucifer are lonely and in need of affection. She tells Maze that she wants to be the one to comfort Lucifer and wants to take things to the next level. To Maze, that means “boning.” Chloe agrees.

At work, Luci/Michael take a coffee break and Chloe tries to get seductive at the vending machine. He feels awkward and she offers to come over after they solve the case. He can only say “OK” but agrees with Chloe when she points out how nice they look together while gazing in the vending machine glass.

Chloe darts off with an epiphany about the case and Linda comes in to talk to “Lucifer.” She wants to know who’s watching Hell and he dismisses her concerns by saying it’s being looked after. Linda is persistent and he taps into her fear of being a bad mother. She backs off.

Chloe receives a rude awakening

Back on the case, Chloe and phony Lucifer enter Sam’s house without a warrant. They duck a shotgun blast and Sam’s comes out with a gun. Chloe announces she’s there to arrest him, but he denies he killed Judy. That’s until they bring up the fiber from his rug and his suit’s reflection in camera footage. He’s ready to turn himself in but Andie walks out and admits to the crime.

The night ends with Michael waiting for Chloe in the penthouse. Maze shows up first and says she won’t allow him to hurt Chloe. He says he wants to take over Lucifer’s life, not destroy it. He knocks Maze out with chokehold and stashes her in a closet.

Chloe shows up and says sweet things to him and then shoots him. She realizes it’s not Lucifer and explains she figured it out when they kissed. Michael admits his true identity and takes a few more bullets. Chloe gives a speech about her unfounded fears about her relationship with Lucifer. She’s sick of Michael’s lies.

He offers a truth: God put her on Earth to be Lucifer’s “plaything.” That upsets her and he leaves. Downstairs at Luxe, Amenadiel calls him out as Michael and wants to know if “Father” is aware he’s on Earth. God doesn’t know but Michael threatens to spill the secret about Charlie. Amenadiel tells him to go home. A quiet war is raged when Amenadiel tells Michael Luci is better than him.

In the end, Amenadiel takes a trip to Hell to tell Lucifer it’s time to come back to Earth. “Why? What’s happened?”