‘Lucifer’ Season 6: Everything We Know

After six wicked seasons, Lucifer comes to an end this year. It’s certainly a sad moment for fans of the TV show (including us), but we’re excited to discuss the final season. From the plot and the cast to the release date, here’s everything you need to know about Lucifer Season 6.

Character Lucifer from the tv show sitting on a coach with yellow walls.
‘Lucifer’ | Netflix

The fifth season of Lucifer saw God return to Earth to make up with Lucifer and Amenadiel. He also shared his plan to retire, setting in motion a competition between Lucifer and Michael about who should succeed him. Things escalated, and Michael wound up killing Chloe Decker.

Lucifer decided to sacrifice himself to save her, accepting that he’d have to die for her to live. But in a surprising twist, he was resurrected as the new God.

‘Lucifer’ Season 6 shows the aftermath

Discussing the sixth season, writer Chris Rafferty said in an interview that it would find the characters trying to adjust to Lucifer’s new role.

“There’s never been a transition of God’s power to a new God before,” he explained. “In the Season 5 finale, you see a lot of confusion amongst all the angels as to how exactly it all works – no one really knows. So our characters still have a few things to figure out, including getting to the truth of what it is they truly desire.”

There’s also a new villain, though Tom Ellis (Lucifer) noted that his character is perhaps the biggest one of all.

“As we sort of realized over the seasons, Lucifer’s worst enemy really is himself,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “So someone who is very, very confident, suddenly wracked with doubt. That’s part of Lucifer’s obstacle, but there is a big villain that comes in in season six and yeah, it’s someone that we’ve already met.”

There’s also more to come from Lucifer and Chloe, who may or may not be engaged. When directly asked if the two would marry in season 6, Modrovich said, “You have to just tune in and see. I can’t answer that one.”

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Who’s in ‘Lucifer’ Season 6?

In addition to Ellis, the cast of Lucifer Season 6 includes Lauren German (Chloe Decker), D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel), Lesley-Ann Brandt (Mazikeen), Rachael Harris (Dr. Linda Martin), Aimee Garcia (Ella Lopez), Inbar Lavi (Eve), and Kevin Alejandro (Dan Espinoza), per Collider.

There are also some newcomers. According to Entertainment Weekly, Merrin Dungey (of The King of Queens) will appear as Sonya, “a no-nonsense uniform cop who forms an unlikely bond with Amenadiel.” And Brianna Hildebrand (of Trinkets) will be Rory, “a rebellious, angsty, and ready-to-start-some-trouble angel” who’s inspired by Lucifer, but she’ll eventually “realize Lucifer isn’t exactly the devilish big bro she hoped he’d be.” 

When does ‘Lucifer’ come back?

Lucifer returns to Netflix on Sept. 10 with 10 new episodes. Save the date, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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