‘Lucifer’ Season 6 Will Have a Tiny Time Jump and OG Bad Guy

As Lucifer fans spin their own theories about how the series will end, the series’ cast and creative team are leaving a few breadcrumbs. How many more times will viewers get to hear Luci utter “Detective” in his signature way or watch him and Amenadiel counsel each other? Time will tell.

The new trailer reveals a rebellious angel baby sister trying to take Lucifer down, but amid all this, there are a few other details that will push the story forward. Fans, be aware of a small time bump in the TV show and a villainous blast from the past.

‘Lucifer’ Season 6 will have a teeny tiny time jump

Rather than pick up from the exact moment where season 5B left off, season 6 will shift things slightly forward. Don’t look for a party in the sky, as Lucifer takes his time settling in on the new throne. Will he lord over any realm in season 6?

According to TV Line’s Matt’s Inside Line, “It doesn’t feel like too huge a jump, though it is long enough that Chloe is getting a bit curious about why Lucifer hasn’t yet officially started his new job in the Silver City…”

With that in mind, the season 6 trailer does show Rory — a red-feathered angel — propped up in Hell’s unholy seat while sporting patent leather platform boots. Those boots seem to be made for walking all over someone, as she clearly has an agenda.

Jimmy Barnes returns in season 6

In addition to welcoming at least two new characters, Lucifer is bringing back a season 1 baddie who ties in to the story. None other than Jimmy Barnes is fated to appear. Remember him? John Pankow played Lucifer’s frenemy in the pilot episode, and he went all the way dark when he killed Luci’s friend Delilah.

Luci set Delilah up with the music producer to help get her career off the ground, and she and Jimmy fell in love. But she left him at the altar, and to get revenge, he had her killed. By the end of the episode Lucifer revealed his true face to Jimmy, sending him into shock and a state of fear. He kept repeating that it was the devil.

His fate? Jimmy Barnes went to prison for his crimes, but it’s unclear whether he’ll be an inmate, escapee, or resident in Hell for season 6. Per TV Line, he’s connected to Luci’s new story arc and “plays a pivotal role in an early episode, as Lucifer works through exactly what it will mean to be God.”

Season 6 will have 10 episodes

Sept. 10 can’t come quickly enough for Netflix, as fans await Lucifer’s farewell. Amenadiel’s a cop, Dan returns, and there’s a mystery surrounding “The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar” in season 6, closing out an entertaining, hilarious, and sometimes tragic arc.

Netflix will release the 10 episodes at one time for the final installment, allowing viewers to binge it all in one fell swoop. Prepare for Lucifer’s heavenly and hellish duties to collide and some love story closure too for Deckerstar, Maze and Eve, and Ella.

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