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Fans reached for their tissues while watching Lucifer Season 6, the TV show‘s grand series finale. For many, it’s been quite the journey following Lucifer Morningstar analyze his pain, form healthy relationships, and solve crimes. Those who already binged the entire season found moments of closure, growth, and true love.

Chloe and Luci’s bond took front and center, but so did the dynamics among favorite characters such as Maze, Ella, Dan, and Amenadiel. For six seasons, Satan captivated the audience with his sense of humor, style, and commitment to the truth. However, there are some fans who felt that Lucifer’s last stand contradicted his overall story arc.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Lucifer Season 6]

'Lucifer' with Lauren German as Chloe and Tom Ellis as Lucifer
‘Lucifer’ Season 6 with Lucifer and Chloe Decker | John P. Fleenor/Netflix

‘Lucifer’ finale left some fans confused, dissatisfied

In the weeks leading up to season 6’s release, the Lucifer team teased new characters, and they delivered with Rory and Adam. Lucifer and Chloe met their daughter from the future, and her presence dictated most of their storyline. Why? Rory’s rage magically transported her to their timeline so she could address her abandonment issues with Lucifer.

Luci and Chloe went from denial and shock to unconditionally loving their celestial-human 20-something, and after working through her anger, Rory reciprocated the love. Throughout season 6, viewers saw Lucifer seek Linda’s counsel as he tried to make things right with his future daughter.

But in the entire series, Lucifer had breakthroughs that taught him about love, self-acceptance, and self-worth. By the end of the show, he realized he didn’t want to be God. However, he also felt that his true purpose was to heal Hell’s lost and damaged souls. Only that meant leaving Chloe, his family, and friends behind. And Rory helped him come to that realization.

This left some fans feeling like Lucifer regressed. Rather than leaving Chloe, Trixie, and baby Aurora behind, he should have stayed to avoid creating new abandonment issues for the people he loves. Some Twitter and Reddit users express that it doesn’t make sense that he’d leave everyone and not come back to Earth at all, especially after all his growth.

It was painful to watch Lucifer say goodbye to Chloe as well as Linda, Amenadiel, Chloe, Ella, Dan, and everyone else in his inner circle. Moreover, people wonder why he couldn’t stick around and raise his child with the love of his life. Why couldn’t Deckerstar stay together on Earth and after Chloe’s death?

Others found Lucifer’s self-realization satisfying

Fans who liked the ending believe that Lucifer’s chosen path spoke to his ability to love humanity — and the demons — in a larger way. Further, because lived and learned about redemption, it felt fair for him to bring those lessons to Hell. Look at Jimmy Barnes!

And because time works differently in the celestial realms, many didn’t think Deckerstar’s separation was unbearable in the grand scheme. With Amenadiel working upstairs, it made it possible for them to spend eternity together in Hell. Love wins.

Fans wished for more Trixie and Chloe screen time

There was a beautiful sequence where Dan finally got closure with Trixie and unpacked his guilt over leaving her behind. Trixie’s small presence this season did not go unnoticed, and many wanted to see her in more scenes with Chloe, Lucifer, or ghost dad Dan.


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The subplot with Dan and his loved ones grieving his death served as another lesson in redemption, self-worth, and moving on. Trixie was the key to her dad’s closure, and fans would have loved to see her get more camera time as she processed her loss. Additionally, many thought it’d be cool to see her in those family scenes with her mom, Lucifer, and Rory.

Ultimately, Lucifans received a treat with season 6 and its glorious, heartwarming finale that tied up the characters’ loose ends. And our favorite devil made amends with his father, grew to love himself, and fell in love. Stream the whole story all over again on Netflix.