‘LulaRich’ Season 2 Could Happen — Here’s How Producers Would Do It

LuLaRich was the latest streaming docu-series that proved true stories are stranger than fiction. The Amazon series chronicled LuLaRoe, the fashion company that enlisted its sellers to recruit other sellers. LuLaRich exposed some of the suspicious practices of the company, and how some sellers got out after losing much of their investment. Still, it begs the question: Will there be a LuLaRich Season 2?

'LuLaRich' interviews LuLaRoe founders DeAnne and Mark Stidham
DeAnne and Mark Stidham | Amazon Studios

LuLaRich producers Blye Faust and Cori Shepherd Stern spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet in a Zoom interview on Nov. 16. They shared their ongoing conversations about a second season and thoughts on what that would entail. 

The filmmakers are discussing a ‘LuLaRich’ Season 2

Faust said that she and Stern have been discussing possible second seasons with directors Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason. She said there is also interest outside of their circle. 

“There’s a lot of requests for that and there have been internal conversations,” Faust said. “I don’t know where we’re all going to come out on that but there seems like an appetite for that. So we’ll see.”

Would ‘LuLaRich’ Season 2 be a new story? 

LuLaRoe is still operating, so there could always be new developments. The aftermath of Tiger King led to a second season on Netflix. However, Faust said there is still plenty of untapped material they could not include in the original four episodes

“There’s a lot there to work with that already exists but I think we all have to figure out too, it’s not only in terms of the actual material but can we tell another entertaining, compelling episode or series of episodes,” Faust said. “I think that’s what we just need to figure out creatively as filmmakers.”

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There are certainly more stories to tell in the LuLaRoe community. The release of LuLaRich has prompted debate on the company’s practices that could be fuel for another season.

“There’s been a few, a smaller number who’ve chimed in online defending the company and their work for it, but we have not spoken to them personally,” Faust said. “They have not reached out to us directly.”

LuLaRich also shone a light on other companies that operate in similar multi-level marketing formats. 

“It hasn’t been publicly reported, but there have been mentions of a closer look at some of the terms of the language of these laws that are on the books,” Faust said. “Nothing concrete has come yet that we know.”

The LuLaRoe story could also become a movie

While Faust and Stern contemplate LuLaRich Season 2, they said they may also adapt the series into a feature film. It wouldn’t be the first time a documentary became a Hollywood movie with movie stars. 

“We’re also talking about a scripted version of LuLaRich so that could be coming your way soon,” Stern said.

Recent examples of documentaries becoming feature films include Man on Wire becoming The Walk and Little Dieter Needs to Fly becoming Rescue Dawn. There were plans to make The King of Kong a feature but that never happened. 

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“They’ve existed before, but it’s been hard,” Faust said. “If you really look into the number prior to two, three years ago with the prevalence of docs and on streaming services. If you look at the number of documentaries that were actually translated into scripted projects, it was pretty small. It was really small. But now, it seems like there are. There is a bigger appetite to put scripted versions of these doc or doc series into development. So we’ll see what comes of them and how many make their way through. It’ll be interesting to see.”

Meanwhile, Faust and Stern are producing more movies and documentaries about true subjects. The upcoming Silver Seas is about AP reporters who uncovered slavery in the Southeast Asian fishing industry and won a Pulitzer prize for their reporting.