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Four years after the first film, Black Panther 2 arrives in theaters in late 2022. Sadly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel will feature Wakanda reeling in the wake of King T’Challa’s death following Chadwick Boseman’s death in real life. But according to Lupita Nyong’o, among the sadness is healing, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be remarkable.

Lupita Nyong'o, who stars in 'Black Panther 2,' wears a yellow, black, green, pink, and blue dress.
Lupita Nyong’o | Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Lupita Nyong’o stars as Nakia in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

Black Panther 2 will feature the return of Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia, reprising her role from the first movie. Nakia was a War Dog, meaning she served as an undercover spy for Wakanda. She was also T’Challa’s love interest.

Naika stood by her ex-boyfriend when Erik Killmonger showed up in Wakanda and instilled doubt in T’Challa’s rule. She fought by his side in Black Panther‘s final battle, and they later shared a kiss in the wake of their victory. When T’Challa founded the Wakandan outreach center in California, he tasked Nakia with running the social outreach department.

It’s unclear what Nakia has been up to in the years since Black Panther, but many fans suspect that Lupita Nyong’o’s character might become the Black Panther. However, it appears as though Marvel is holding that reveal for when fans see the sequel in theaters.

The star previews the upcoming MCU film

Following Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, Black Panther 2 stars, including Lupita Nyong’o, joined MCU’s press line. And during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Nyong’o shared the challenges of making the sequel.

“It’s been a doozy of a few years for everybody,” the actor revealed. “For us as a cast, having lost our king, Chadwick Boseman, that was a lot to process, and in many ways, we’re still processing it. When you lose someone, I don’t know when you stop missing them. And of course, we felt it so much, making this film without him.”

Nyong’o added, “To make this film against all odds is a powerful statement unto itself, and I am very proud that we did it. It was very therapeutic. It restored a sense of hope for me in making it, and I think we’ve expanded the world of Wakanda in ways that will blow people’s minds — not just Wakanda, but the Black Panther world. It’s gonna blow people’s minds, and I just cannot wait until it’s not a secret anymore.”

When asked which character would take on the mantle of the Black Panther, Nyong’o said, “Don’t you just love a good secret?”


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Lupita Nyong’o describes her training for ‘Black Panther 2’

While speaking with Harper’s Bazaar, Lupita Nyong’o shared her training regimen for the Black Panther sequel.

“There was training involved for this film, but it wasn’t the intense boot camp version we did for the first movie,” the actor explained. “For me, working out is very much a part of my mental health regimen. I find that I grow very lethargic when I don’t work out, and it changes my mood. For my own sake and the sake of the people who I’m hanging out with, it’s better if I work out. It’s about caring for yourself.”

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, starring Lupita Nyong’o, premieres exclusively in theaters on Nov. 11.