Mac Miller Fans Are Outraged That His Name Has Been Dragged Into the Kanye West and Pete Davidson Text Drama

Text messages between Kanye West and Pete Davidson have unearthed rumors about Mac Miller, and the late rapper’s fans aren’t happy about it. Here’s what you need to know about the text messages, the old rumors, and what fans are saying about it. 

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Rumors circulated that Pete Davidson sent horrible text messages to Mac Miller when the comedian dated Ariana Grande

In 2018, Ariana Grande and Mac Miller ended their relationship after two years of dating. Before the couple had announced their split, Grande got into a PDA-heavy relationship with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson. The couple quickly got engaged in June 2018 after a month of dating.

On Sept. 7, 2018, Mac Miller died of an accidental drug overdose. Grande and Davidson’s relationship fell apart shortly after.

There were rumors that Davidson had sent intimate photos of the pop star to Miller. Some gossipers even insinuated the alleged text messages were responsible for the rapper’s death. 

Frankie Grande, the “No Tears Left to Cry” singer’s brother, refuted the rumors in February 2022. “I mean, listen, I’ve never heard of that in my life,” Grande told TMZ. “But listen, Kanye loves to stir the pot, so nothing that he says ever surprises me at all. I wish nothing but the best to him, to his family, to Pete, and to everyone involved.”

Pete Davidson’s antagonizing texts to Kanye West about Kim Kardashian are circulating the internet

In February 2022, Kanye West unearthed the rumors that Pete Davidson sent Mac Miller intimate photos of Ariana Grande in a since-deleted Instagram post (per TMZ). 

But the late rapper’s name has become even more prominent in social media conversations about West and Davidson since text messages between the two came out on Mar. 13. The SNL star’s friend Dave Sirus released screenshots of messages between Davidson and West in a since-deleted Instagram post. 

In the texts, Davidson both antagonized West and offered to help him. When the Donda rapper texted, “Where are you right now?” Davidson responded, “In bed with your wife,” adding a shirtless bed selfie with his tongue sticking out and two fingers flashing a peace sign.

The bizarre message exchange has fans wondering if the old rumors about Davidson texting Mac Miller intimate photos of Ariana Grande are true, after all.

Mac Miller fans are furious that the rapper’s name has been brought up amid the SNL star’s feud with Kanye West

Mac Miller fans are not happy that his name is getting brought up amid the drama between Pete Davidson and Kanye West.

In a Reddit thread titled, “Regarding Mac Miller’s death,” the original poster wrote, “A few people in this sub have been saying or implying that Pete Davidson is responsible for Mac Miller’s suicide. This is false. Mac Miller did not kill himself. His death was an accidental overdose caused by his dealers selling him laced oxy.”

They went on to write that “lying about this to d*** ride and defend Kanye is gross and an insult to Mac Miller’s legacy. It also goes to show you clearly don’t give a s*** about Mac Miller, you are just using his death.”

The poster added, “There is also no evidence that Pete Davidson sent Mac Miller a picture for him and Grande.”

One Reddit user responded by commenting, “You’re absolutely correct. It’s really a shame to see how people are willing to use another man’s tragic death to fit a skewed agenda. I love Kanye as much as the next guy, but no matter how much of a fan someone is, they shouldn’t go to these lengths to defend him and attack anyone who opposes him.”

And in another Reddit thread titled, “Pete Davidson Brags About ‘Being In Bed’ With Kim Kardashian In Leaked Text Sent To Kanye West After Ye Post Bizarre String Of Videos,” one fan commented, “That rumor has been debunked by Mac’s family, Ariana and Mac’s brother. Mac Miller’s name does not belong here in this trash.”

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