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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Arrive Chained to Each Other’s Fingernails at His Nail Polish Launch Party

Machine Gun Kelly just released a line of genderless nail polishes. He and his girlfriend Megan Fox arrived at the launch party chained to each other's fingernails. Here are all the details about the wild look and MGK's new product.

Machine Gun Kelly and his girlfriend Megan Fox are promoting an unexpected product from the rapper-turned-pop-punk-singer: nail polish. The couple is known for turning heads on the red carpet, and MGK has rocked several detailed nail art looks during public appearances. 

Kelly and Fox continued this trend by showing up to his nail polish launch party chained to each other’s fingernails. Here are all the details about the wild look and MGK’s new product. 

Machine Gun Kelly launched a new line of genderless nail polish

Kelly’s new product line is called UN/DN LAQR, which is pronounced “Undone Lacquer.” The name is a play on words for doing your nails while also saying that nail art is a form of expression and doesn’t have to be perfect. 

The genderless nail polish’s website contains the following statement: “Born from the creative mind and founded by Machine Gun Kelly, UN/DN LAQR champions self-expression. We know attitudes (and colors) can change almost daily and embrace this message through nail polish, a beauty category built on self-expression without commitment. UN/DN LAQR is here to create what creates a conversation.”

The polishes have creative names like “Twenty Five to Life,” “Mary Jane,” and “Depressionist.” Individual polishes are $18. Trio sets are $52, and the “Therapy Sessions” kit with six polishes, a nail art brush, and a cleanup brush is $86. All of the polishes are vegan and cruelty-free.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox arrived at his launch party chained to each other’s fingernails

Fox and Kelly have been known to make bold statements with their fashion choices at events. They continued their trend by arriving at the launch party for Kelly’s new product wearing a very special fashion accessory: a long chain extending from their pinky nails linking them together.

The couple rocked matching all-black outfits. MGK wore a vinyl textured jacket with matching pants and no shirt underneath. Fox complemented his look in a black blazer with a matching skirt and no shirt. 

They both wore the same shade of pink nail polish from Kelly’s new collection with a silver chain fastened to their pinky nails. Kelly and Fox have been practically inseparable since they started dating in spring 2020, and they were literally unable to part at the event.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox pose together at an event.
Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

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MGK hopes his nail polish line encourages men to take care of themselves

In a Dec. 2 interview with W Magazine, Kelly shared that he wants his new product line to encourage everyone, including men, to take time for themselves and focus on self-care. 

“Routines of self-care weren’t common the way I grew up and for the men I saw,” MGK said. “Self-care puts you in a position to go about your day, being confident and having your head high.”

Kelly also revealed the important self-care lesson he learned from his 12-year-old daughter. “I’ll ask my daughter, ‘Why are you putting on makeup today? We’re not going anywhere.’ And she’ll say, ‘This is just how I want to look. This is for me,’” Kelly described. “And there’s a really stunning lesson in that because men almost never do things to be seen. And we don’t do things that put us in a position to be comfortable with ourselves. This line is like, ‘Hey, take this 30 minutes for yourself to just add to your vibe, whatever that is today.’”