‘Madam Secretary’: What Is Téa Leoni’s Net Worth?

She has earned a reputation as one of the most talented and versatile actresses around, and even at an age when many have decided to rest on their laurels, Téa Leoni’s career is hotter than ever.

With early breakthrough roles in both film and television, she has an incredibly impressive portfolio of work and her latest show, Madam Secretary, is considered to be one of the finest political dramas of the past ten years.

Téa Leoni
Téa Leoni as Elizabeth Adams McCord | Mark Schafer/CBS via Getty Images

Leoni’s early career

Born in 1966, Téa Leoni is from a large, close family. Leoni studied at various private schools all throughout her early years, but by her early twenties, she had turned her attention to acting.

In 1988, she landed a prime role in the show Angels 88, a much-anticipated reboot of the popular Charlie’s Angels franchise. Unfortunately, the show was plagued by production issues, and ultimately never aired. 

Leoni didn’t let this early setback deter her, and shortly after, landed a role in a daytime soap opera. Although she did work in some movies at this early stage of her career, including a role in the cult classic movie A League of Their Own, Leoni’s main emphasis was on television, and over the next few years, Leoni had recurring roles in Flying Blind and Frasier.

The late 90s and early 2000s would lead to some major starring movie roles, in films like Deep Impact, Spanglish, Fun With Dick and Jane, and Tower Heist

Leoni’s most popular show

In 2014, Téa Leoni was cast in Madam Secretary. The CBS drama focused on Leoni’s character, Elizabeth McCord, a former CIA analyst who becomes the Secretary of State. The show’s storyline dealt with McCord’s personal issues as well as worldwide problems that she is forced to deal with on the job. 

Audiences loved the show and appreciated the fact that Leoni was bringing the perspective of a mature, confident woman to a character on primetime television. Critics also praised Leoni’s acting ability and her uncanny knack for being able to translate complex issues into storylines that drew in both casual viewers and superfans alike.

Madam Secretary has maintained good ratings for five seasons, but in early May, viewers were saddened to learn that the sixth season, premiering later in 2019, would be the show’s last hurrah. Showrunners revealed that the final season would consist of ten episodes and that they planned to send fan’s favorite characters out in a fitting, appropriate manner. 

What is Téa Leoni’s net worth?

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Leoni has the distinction of appearing in everything from independent films to blockbusters like Jurassic Park III. Her thriving career has built her bank account to truly impressive proportions, and Leoni is worth a reported $20 million

In addition to her busy career, Leoni’s personal life has been the subject of much tabloid scrutiny over the years. She was married to a television producer briefly from 1991 – 1995. Her second marriage, to actor David Duchovny, lasted for over ten years before the couple announced that they were splitting.

Many fans assumed that the cause of the split was due to Duchovny’s admitted battle with sex addiction, but they would still be seen together frequently over the next several years, before separating for good in 2014. Leoni shares two children with Duchovny, a son, and a daughter, and they reportedly co-parent quite successfully. 

While it’s not certain what Leoni will choose to focus on following the final season of Madam Secretary, if there’s anything that the actress has shown over the past several decades, it is that she has the talent and ability to tackle any project she wishes and make it come to life.