Maddie Ziegler’s Net Worth and What She’s Doing in 2019

Fans of Dance Moms have been keeping up with the littlest stars of Abby Lee’s Dance Company since the show began in 2011. And while plenty of talented young girls have been showcased on the show, there was always one standout amongst all of them — and that was Maddie Ziegler. Ziegler was featured on the show until 2016, and her career seriously took off thanks to Sia recognizing her dance talent and including her in many of her music videos. And now, the dancer is in her teens and taking on more artistic endeavors than ever before.

Here’s Ziegler’s net worth today, and what she’ll be up to in 2019.

16-year-old Maddie Ziegler makes her money through dance, acting, and writing

She may have gotten her career off the ground thanks to Dance Moms, but that’s not all the teen has done to build her portfolio of work. You may also recognize her for her collaborations she’s done with the pop singer Sia. Ziegler has appeared on tour with Sia as well as starred in many of her music videos, Gazette Review reminds us.

Music videos aside, Ziegler has also made appearances on the big screen. She starred in a film in 2017 alongside Naomi Watts titled The Book of Henry, and she’s also been a part of several TV shows. We’re sure we’ll see her in even more productions as she gets more exposure through film and video shorts as well. And we can’t forget that she’s done work modeling for Target, Ralph Lauren, and Clean & Clear, too, Heightline reports.

Her final moneymaking venture is with writing. She released a tell-all memoir titled The Maddie Diaries, E! News notes — and it became an instant bestseller. The book gives readers an autobiographical look into her life from the beginning of her Dance Mom days to what she’s looking forward to in the future. Back in October 2018, she also released another novel titled The Callback. 

Her total net worth now

With dance, acting, modeling, and writing, there’s no doubt Ziegler is a seriously wealthy 16-year-old. Romper notes the star made around $2,000 per episode of Dance Moms, which came to around $400,000 overall — and that was before she was even launched into superstardom. There’s also social media endorsement money to factor in when considering her net worth. She has 12.8 million followers on Instagram alone and could likely make a living being an influencer at this point.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ziegler’s net worth reaches around $5 million. It appears her drive and talent that was fostered since she was 2 years old have made it all worth it.

You can see her on tour in 2019

So, what’s the dancer doing in 2019? It turns out she’s headed on tour with her younger sister Mackenzie. The Ziegler sisters made their announcement on Instagram, and fans can’t wait. The duo captioned the post, “we’re so excited to announce that we’re heading to the UK for a new tour! whether you’re a dancer or not, come and join me and @kenzie in a show that will get your heart pumping.”

It seems the Ziegler sisters have also recently put out a merchandise line, too. In November 2018, they announced on their website that they teamed up with Fanjoy for their own line of products. In addition to more dancing, acting, and writing, perhaps in 2019 we’ll see more merch, too.

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