Madelyn Cline ‘Farted’ on the Set of ‘Outer Banks’ to Break the Ice With This Castmate

Madelyn Cline has skyrocketed into fame thanks to her role as Sarah Cameron on the Netflix series Outer Banks. As a show with up-and-coming actors, Cline recalled the early days on set being a little tense. 

Fortunately, she had a plan to make things a bit less awkward. Find out which castmate Cline “farted” in front of to lessen the tension on the set of Outer Banks

'Outer Banks'
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Before ‘Outer Banks,’ Madelyn Cline had never done a sex scene before

In an interview with Vogue, Cline revealed how Outer Banks was her first experience filming anything close to a sex scene. 

“Before Outer Banks, I’d never really had any,” she said, clarifying: “Or, implicated sex scenes I guess would be the more appropriate term. So I was really really nervous about that.” 

Cline was hesitant to film those types of scenes because, as she pointed out, “there’s nothing sexy about [them] and it is a little bit awkward.” 

Madelyn Cline and Austin North shared an interesting ‘implicated sex scene’

Early in season 1 of Outer Banks, Sarah Cameron was in a relationship with Topper Thornton — a wealthy Kook who felt it was his responsibility to date only within his social class. 

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Throughout the season, it became clear that Sarah wasn’t totally invested in her relationship with Topper. Eventually, she realized he didn’t love her, but the idea of her. 

Before coming to this realization, Sarah agreed to take take her relationship to the next level and be intimate with one Topper — er, attempt to be intimate. 

As Outer Banks fans know, Sarah and Topper never actually reach that point with one another. Still, the scene implying the two were going to have sex had to be filmed.

And Cline had to prepare for it. 

Madelyn Cline barely knew Austin North when they filmed their intimate scene for ‘Outer Banks’ 

Before filming for Outer Banks, Cline barely knew any of her castmates. Obviously, friendships have formed amongst the entire cast since. In fact, Cline and Stokes are currently a couple! 

But before the cast became friends, Cline recalled things feeling slightly awkward on set — especially between her and North. 

Cline remembered gearing up for her first-ever sex scene, which was to be shot with someone she barely knew. 

“The first [sex scene] I’d had was with Austin, and we didn’t really know each other that well at that point,” Cline said. “We hadn’t really spent too much time hanging out yet.” 

Fortunately, Cline had a plan. 

Madelyn Cline broke the ice by passing gas

“I remember to break the ice; we were sitting in the green room, Austin and I, twiddling our thumbs and trying to make conversation,” Cline recalled. “I could tell that he was nervous, and I knew he could tell I was nervous, so…” 

Cline made a bold move. 

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“I just farted in front of him,” she said. 

Her plan worked! “He started laughing and I started laughing and he went to another corner,” she added. “From then on, I don’t know what it was but he thought it [was] so funny and it broke the ice.”

“I love Austin,” she concluded. “He’s such a fun person.” Cline’s passing gas is likely still joked about on set to this day.