Madonna Goes to Bed at 4 A.M. Every Night

Madonna has been known throughout her career to be a girl who likes to have fun and won’t let anybody stop her from doing so. The Grammy-winning sensation’s personality hasn’t changed over four decades in the music industry, as she still stays up into the wee hours of the morning every day today.

Singer Madonna during an interview
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Madonna’s life as a nightlife lover

Madonna’s been a lover of the nighttime for decades. In fact, her love of nightlife even led her to one of her biggest hit songs.

In the late 1980s, Madonna was out dancing at a nightclub in New York City when she saw veteran vogue dancers José and Luis Xtravaganza (from the House of Xtravaganza) across the floor. According to a 2016 interview, José Xtravaganza said she had heard of them before through her hairstylist, future actor was enamored by their dance moves and wanted to learn from them.

Madonna first fell in love with the vogue dance style at the turn of the 1990s. She was at a nightclub in New York City when she saw ballroom veterans José and Luis Xtravaganza (from the legendary House of Xtravaganza) voguing on the dance floor. Both she and José were frequent figures in the club scene at the time, and José stated in a 2016 interview that she had heard of him through her hairstylist, future actor Debi Mazar

Madonna ended up recruiting José and Luis Xtravaganza as choreographers and dancers in the music video for her 1990 hit single “Vogue.” She also brought them on her successful Blond Ambition tour.

Madonna reunited with José Xtravaganza in 2021 for the release of her Madame X concert film, and Xtravaganza reminisced on when they first met. “Reunited….. Right where we first met…. On a dance floor! In NYC,” Xtravaganza captioned an Instagram video of the two dancing at a club. “Get that ol’ thing back!”

Madonna arrives at the UK TV documentary premiere of her new confessional Channel 4 documentary "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret"
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Madonna goes to bed at 4 A.M. every night

Madonna is well into her 60s now, but her love of the nighttime hasn’t changed at all. In a 2021 interview for Rolling Stone, Colombian pop superstar Maluma — whom she collaborated with for her single “Medellín” — asked her about what her sleep schedule looks like nowadays.

“How does it feel doing an interview at 1 a.m.? Be honest, please,” he asked her.

“I’m good with it. I’m used to staying up late. I’m a night owl,” she said. When asked what time she goes to bed every night, she responded simply, “4 A.M.” She added that it’s been that way for “a couple of years” and that her bedtime is “getting later and later.”

“I remember the first time that we went to the studio in London. Do you remember? It was, like, 8 P.M.,” Maluma reminisced.

“That’s just when the juices start flowing!” Madonna said in response. At that studio session she gave him her trick for staying up late: drinking tequila and espresso.


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Madonna’s theory about bedtime

Madonna went on to explain what she thinks about people’s preferred bedtimes and how it relates to their personalities.

I have a theory that people who were born in the daytime are most alive in the day and people who were born at night feel most creative and alive at night,” she said. Maluma mentioned he wakes up at 6 A.M. every morning to go to the gym, and is in bed by 9 P.M.

“You’re an old man,” she said plainly. “Those are old-man hours. You go to bed at 8? That’s crazy.”